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I have a good news to all college students who needs a free source code in support for their thesis requirements. I know how hard for a student to create a program they are not familiar with.
The following are the list of computer program I created for paid services two to three years ago.

All of these are made in Visual Basic 6.0. This is a good start for you to learn how to program in visual basic 6.0 since the code is design for beginners. Although it has an advance features which you still need to study.
All I can advice is to study hard. Don’t wait until your deadline comes and make an action. Your documentation is a secondary material which will support your computer program. Most often the mistake you need to avoid is to determine first which system you are going to make a study. Don’t write your documentation first so you will not have problem later on.


Please help me..

The System cannot find the file specified.

Private Sub Form_Load()
-----> Agent1.Characters.Load "Genie", "C:\WINDOWS\MSAGENT\CHARS\Genie.acs"

Set Genie = Agent1.Characters("Genie")

SpeakIt "Welcome to Educational Computer Game."
End Sub

you can email me on [email protected] or just reply here in this post..

Thank you ..

Just put error traps....and the system is doing fine

if your using win 7 just "run as admin" your vb project

About student guidance system...Can you pls...explain more about on intersted since i am looking for a good thesis topic...tnx po

10nx for ur help

sir kindly me to start making my introduction on how to make this system

hello sir pwede po ba u me bigyan ng idea about if how to connect
RFID to vb 6, kz for our thesis,ang system po namin is Payroll System using RFID

email u nalang po sa gmail ko!! [email protected]

thanks po and more power!!!!1

please contact me @

09212279363 or YM: dark_raditz0825

for sample code

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

sir help naman po sa program q,.. about problem of a company about payroll,. email nlang po s ym q [email protected] ,.w2 ko po ./tnx

yung ginawa nyo pong educational computer game gusto ko po sana i-transfer ung database nya sa MYSQL pano po ba un sir?
please help.

If you want then study how to do it. Sorry I can't help you on this. It's easy but it needs time to finish this one.

can i get your ym plz? .. pinoy rin po aqu .. student p lan po .. thx po .. hoping to your reply .. e2 po ym q.. [email protected]

With so many emails I receive everyday I cannot give you my YM ID. I cannot reply you asap using YM but instead just email me if you have any question.

I will try to help you as long as I have time.

can i tranform it in vb2008 ?

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