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The purpose of this program is to record the complaints and or problem of a student in guidance office. This will keep track the past record of a certain students by using this program.

To eliminate a paper work, retrieve the record easily, and create a report. I created this program last February 2004 to help the students in making their thesis.

The name, problem, and recommendation herein are just an example only and do not adhere to the true story of the said student.

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Username: admin
Password: admin

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low good afternoon
may i ask you?
where the code of this system ?

i don't know how to start it using mysql and vb6.0?

how can i create a program using visual basic in student information system

Hello sir
I want Payroll System in
Please send me on [email protected]
It very urgent sir. Please

i need to know how to code the payroll system with time in time out...thx

hi sir.. help how to code the password and username using vb 6 and ms access...
hopingf for your immediate reply
here is my email ad:
[email protected]

can i get ur con num?

Download one of the top source code here and copy/paste the code for login form.

sir may i know the description the description of this system in terms of inputs, processes and output..

and what are the importance of this system to the company ...

i need ur immediate response.. probably this week..
just send to my email [email protected]


godbless us:)

nice one...
can you teach hot make a libary system

Sir i am new here ,
How to upload my codes in this site ?? .

Sorry for my late reply. It seems you have already uploaded your source code. Thanks for that.


m yeshwant
i am desinging a student couselling system,(software eng. project) where students fill their choices of taking admittion in some colg listed and if the seat is avalable he will get the desired output, please give me some guidence ..

I will help you only if you have started some portion of the program.

gud morning sir just want to ask if your also giving tutorial on how to make a pageant tabulation system? were having our thesis and were making computerized tabulation system but were having some difficulties about it......i really nid your reply sir...thank you.

how to make a pageant tabulation system?

can you give a sample program system about visual baisc..thank you

what kind of system did you want????

can you produce the critical stock?i mean the code bout the critical stock?bcoz i have problem bout displaying the critical stock between 5 to 0. i want to display the item in datagrid showing that the item is running out.

Sorry I don't get what you mean.

do you have the documentation of this thesis
please send to my email
serve as my basis in my software engineering class
[email protected]
thats may email add
thanks tol

bozz do you have the documentation of enrollment system thesis
please send to my email
serve as my basis in my system analysis and design subject
[email protected]
thats may email add
thanks bozz

plz teach me how to input a code of save 1, add, delete, search, help, edit cancel or exit, log in, log out plzzz. for our thesis which entitled automated student record system thanks poh.
her is my email add:[email protected]

plz provide the code of online library management system in java to my mail id:[email protected]

sir kindly send me the sample thesis of enrollment system and the documentation, to serve as my guide for my Thesis Writing in CS please send it to my email [email protected] I owe this as my personal gratitude, thanks...

how we are going to start new
student information kiosk system.

Download and rate ^_^

Web / System Developer
Contacts :
[email protected] >>> Facebook/YM
ICCT Colleges Cainta Rizal

sir can i have ur hepl for vb 6.0 for id maker

sir.. you can give me some example of enrolment system?

can you give me some information about sales and inventory system???

[email protected]

how could i update the guidance system? if its locktype is limited..
sir can you pls. help me about that matter..pls..
thank you very much sir..hope you can help me.

What do you mean by locktype is limited?

hi sir? i am ryan from davao city do you have any finish technical paper that i can use as guide for my research?? i realy need to make it before end of february.., i have my title "Assumption College Student Information System" can you help me sir? please?

please.... here is my email address : [email protected]
here is my Yahoo Messenger Account : yan_edge

please sir., i realy need some help., i only need a guide?

thank you and Happy New Year

....sir...Good Day

can u help me make our documentation..?we reall dont have idea for this can u give us a sample?

send to [email protected]

Sir gUd mwning me i ask u'r real w/ ur surname nym ,i want t know for my title defence in thesis.

do u have sample thesis for the enrollment system pls send me a copy at [email protected] or at [email protected]


i hope u will be fine
dear sir
i need Visual Basic thesis.. i cant do how can i get information about Visual Basic thesis ... i have no idea how can i done my Visual Basic thesis project plz help me
its my emaill addres.
[email protected]

good morning sir!

i am cj from tacloban city do you have any finish technical paper that i can use as guide for my thesis?? i realy need to make it before end of this week.., i have my title "Sales and Inventory Sytem" can you help me sir? please?

please.... here is my email address : [email protected]
here is my Yahoo Messenger Account : perez_crisjohn

please sir., i realy need some help., i only need a guide?

sir can i get the code of student accounts system? thanks..

only for reference

good evening can you help me!? do you have the documentation of enrollment system and the sourcecode
plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dis is my email add [email protected]

hello sir!!! can you help me to my's all about student guidance record system..please help mE!!!!!!you can email my request to [email protected] hope makatabang ka nako!!!

i badly needed ur help u have documentation and source code of payroll system sir?kindly pls send it to my email [email protected] u very much sir..

Sir can you provide me a copies for the computerized enrollment system microsoft 2007 format to be my basis..urgent please,, our preliminary defense is scheduled on January 26, 2010.. Send me @ [email protected]

would you help us in our system??? our system is about student record system,.. would you show me what exactly the outview of this system hir's my e mail add,.. [email protected],.. plz,....????

sir,.can you send me a sample thesis for applicants record system using access poh ung database namen...plz..hope u could help us...plzzz send at my email ad [email protected] nid this on january 26,2010...

,can you hel me do my students information system?
i need it so badly sir.. tnx a lot.. hirs my e-add [email protected]

Go here

Web / System Developer
Contacts :
[email protected] >>> Facebook/YM
ICCT Colleges Cainta Rizal


Do you have any idea on what system that is good to create??
Wheter it is a web-based,stan-alone or the use of SMS???
I like a new system concept because we have already an idea but it is so conventional and old...
Lot of tnx...
pm me in fb
[email protected]

Sir, please help me to make a questionnaire in my thesis writing... in terms of speed,accuracy, and convenience our research study is about enrollment system for Bachelor of Science in Information Technology of our school.. can you help me sir to make a questionnaire its too hard for us to make it.. thanks i need your reply... send it to my yahoo mail [email protected] I'm hoping for your reply.. Thank you!!!

hi good people can you please help me am doing a project on automation of school enrollement system.

plis help!
email me @


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