Student Guidance System Thesis

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The purpose of this program is to record the complaints and or problem of a student in guidance office. This will keep track the past record of a certain students by using this program.

To eliminate a paper work, retrieve the record easily, and create a report. I created this program last February 2004 to help the students in making their thesis.

The name, problem, and recommendation herein are just an example only and do not adhere to the true story of the said student.

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Username: admin
Password: admin

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Sir please help me ,,can you give me a sample of guidance monitoring system it will serve as my basis for my thesis

Hello. Sir can you help me to do it. I'm in rush. I'm not good in programming so I need your help. We need to present it by next week. I hope you can help me sir. Thanks sir. Godbles


Good day!

Can you send me a copy of your documentation about guidance management system that im planning to develop. pls send me at [email protected].
thanks and God bless.

i need your help. please how can we make an online grading system, what we will gonna do first?

sir pwde ko po ba pahingi nlang po ng documentation nyo ng student guidance system nyo po same po kc ung gagawin namin send nyo nlang po d2 sa email ko kung ok lng po [email protected] salamat po sana po matulongan nyo po ako..GODBLESS

Can You please help me in making my thesis and coding design for Guidance Information System?

hey sir, can i know the process of your student guidance system(from the menu, logs, reports) and how can it help the company..

hi sir can u give me a list of examples of a system??
a systems that you don't have to do it as a online system..plz...
i badly need it tonight..

sir,can you pls send me a complete lending system using .net with database po..pls po..thank's here's my email po:[email protected] more power po and Godbless!

please send me a copy of rental system to [email protected] tnx a lot sir,,

i am Jacqui do you have any finish technical paper that i can use as guide for my thesis? can u email it to me tomorrow, because we need to submit the chapter 1 on Thursday thank you!

this is my email:
[email protected]

h! sir can you help me in my thesis...i need a sample of documentation in payroll system...thanks

sir can you give me the complete project Student Guidance System Thesis?? Thank you..

Good day sir:)
sir can you please email me on the documentation about the Student Guidance System thesis po([email protected]). Kase i just want to use it as a reference lang po sa thesis na gagawin ko po. thank you po and God Bless you

sir cant you help me to do inventory system interface and flowcharting please this ius my email add [email protected]

please can you help me with this project,i need the source code using php and documentation. Thank you

Please i am a second year student of IT, working on this project,sir is there help for me. This is my email address if yes. Thank you

sir help me to design a system enrollment and biling system
the main form and the entity inside it..
please send it on my email if you have one..
[email protected]
i appreciate your help...^^

good day,
sir can you please help i am doing my project thesis,
i have the title,'ONLINE LOCKER RESERVATION' can you please send me some guidelines to make this appropriate for this application, here is my email: [email protected]
thank you,,,

Good day sir, do you have any tutorials on or vb 6.0 for my thesis? we proposed a inventory system and payroll system. at least 1.if you have..:)

please sir help us!
this is my e-mail:
[email protected]

hello sir,do you have some tutorials on for my thesis?We proposed a computerized enrollment system. Please email me a tutorial for
thank you... [email protected]

hi! sir good day!!!
can you give me some programming code using justbasic in making a program about student information system?
Send it on my email ad. [email protected]
i'll wait your response.
thank you so much.

sir,good day.

can I you help us making our thesis about POS..
whre so sad because no one knows here in our place.

thankz and more power

good day sir!please help me creating my enrollment system for high school.
please help me!
for those concern me please
send to my email add [email protected]

hii sir i want ON LINE LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IN RUBY ON RAILS PLEASE email to [email protected] its urgent for me


pls me to my thesis :)

..can you plz give me a goog title of the thesis i need it now,.. tnx plz

can you help me sir, how to use this system sir? pls? thanks can give me step by step instructions sir? thanks and pls help me with its documentation pls kindly email me at: [email protected]

can u help me for making an introduction for guidance information system....thanks!

..good day sir..

.. can u pls help me for my upcoming thesis..?
about the FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS and NON-FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS..because i really don't know what should i do. I don't have any idea.. pls3x .. ur only the one could help me about this.. i believed in your bEst ..
sir.. can you ps help me.. just email me @ my YM ([email protected])

can u give me a sample Patient scheduling System using VB,

- chriza

plz help me for my thesis documentation for LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM just email me [email protected]

plz help me if u had the code for online library management ststem just mail me [email protected]


.. Hello' Sir, I have already downloaded the student guidance system zip ... from your site,, but, i do not know how to make the documentation ., can you help me about that,, even just the overview explanation of this system.. thank you..

.,a lil help plz!!!!we dont know wat to do with our project!!!

hi sir,
i need your help about my supposedly submitted next week but i am not yet done....plz sir help me....

thank you in advance..
email me at :[email protected]

god bless you

good day!!!
well i am very confused on what particular title to use because the main focus of our panels is with the research value of the title. can you please help me on creating a title for our church? we want to use biometrics for attendance monitoring and we want also use gsm for the reservation of attendees. it became a dillema on what title we must prioritize can you please help us? we need to have a title until the end of this week october 09, 2011 we are hoping for your helpful response with rregards to this matter thanks ang God bless

where can we find online reservation system theoretical background

Good day sir,, can u please help me with my documentation. it is the Chapter 2. Theoretical framework.... please please please...thank u.([email protected])

Hello, can you help me in our documentation for our thesis, which the module is Hotel On Line Reservation system. Thank you in advance..

Pls. kindly reply me in this e-mail add: [email protected]

plz help me for my thesis documentation for LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ?plz emai me.. [email protected]

hi! am IT student can you help..

how run this in library system.. it says not in sub-menu..

can you help this program..i download this..

then can you help me for time-in/time-out attendance monitoring system and documentation for our theses... plsssss

send me step by step reach me in this email... [email protected] or [email protected]

thnx sir for reply..=P

somebody pls can help me with my project propossal about record system. . . i have no idea how to start. ..

..hi..can you pls help me to choose a good thesis proposal ....a capstone project if possible..thnxxx.
email me at [email protected]....

...hi..can u pls help me choOse a gOod thesis proposal ... possibly a capsTone proj.

can send me a system in visual basic 6.0 time-in/time-out attendance monitoring system..thank you sir

i need suggestion for our thesis..
system that uses technologies

guys can you help us in our thesis our topic is about guidance system. we don't know what will be our title. and we need some information and uniqueness in our system. we use php language.what will be do?

Good Day sir!!!

can u help u s to make a documentation of Online Student Registration System..i don know how to make it...can u help me out with these things...plz our deadline is 21st of this month.....

1.1 Introduction
1.1.1 Purpose
1.1.2 Intended Audience and Reading suggestions
1.1.3 Project Scope
1.1.4 References
1.2 Overall description
1.2.1 Product perspective
1.2.2 Product features
1.2.3 User Classes and characterstics
1.2.4 Operating Environment
1.2.5 Design and Implementation Constraints
1.2.6 Assumptions and Dependicies
1.3 Specific Requirements
1.3.1 External Interface Requirements
1.3.2 user Interfaces
1.3.3 Hardware Interfaces
1.3.4 Software Interfaces
1.3.5 Communication Interfaces
1.3.6 Functional Requirements
1.4 Other Non functional Requirements
1.4.1 Performance requirements
1.4.2 Safety Requirements
1.4.3 Security Requirements
1.5 Other Requirements

hope ur kind...thank u
here's my [email protected]

thankz again i will w8 ur answer..


anyone here have an idea about Computerized Electronic Cashier System? a thesis proposal for fast food-chain,just like Point of Sale in VB6. Do you have any idea where can I find a sample thesis documentation of this?

Thanks in advance!

[email protected]


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