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Word Game

Auto Search Word Generator

In this tutorial we will create a game in C# called Auto Search Word Generator. This game creates a way of searching the word in the display letters in the form. And this game has a features to add, remove, generate, and show the answer of the list of words given or added by the user. Each word will be automatically generate and mix in the random letters and you will find out if what word will you want it to search and it will automatically show the exact word that you give.


WordSearch is a word puzzle/game, as its name implies, that lets the player look for hidden words in a board. The words are given/known to the player which makes the game a bit easier to deal with, provided the board size is not that big to explore at and there are fewer words to search for. VB 6.0 was used to develop the game's front-end application and MYSQL facilitated its back-end for storing