Simple Login Application in Python Tutorial with Source Code

In this tutorial, we will create a Simple Login Application in Python. Python has a design philosophy that emphasizes code readability. That's why Python is very easy to use especially for beginners who just started programming. It is very easy to learn the syntax emphasizes readability and it can reduce time-consuming in developing. So let's now do the coding.

Learn Java For Free With This Course

Whether you are a seasoned programmer or a beginner, the first step in learning how to program is to learn from the basic concept of any programming language. Today, I’m going to introduce to you the free course from Udemy which garnered more than 729k students. The course is Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners. Though the course is quite old, it was last updated on October 2015, the importance

Object Oriented Programming in C++

In this set of tutorial we will learn object oriented programming in c++ . Object Oriented programming helps you develop softwares using a new approach. In this book you will learn the core concepts of object Oriented programming i.e inheritance , polymorphism and composition. We will learn what are these techniques and how to use these techniques as we go through the course. We will also learn about classes and other stuff related to it as we go through this book.


Introduction: This is the fourth part in my CSS Styling tutorials, in which I will be covering Borders. Order: Borders around elements come between the elements margin and padding. So, if the element has padding, the border will be away from the element whereas if the element only has margin, the border will be next the element but away from other elements. Basic Structure: The basic border attribute takes three arguments; Width, Type, Colour.

PHP/MySQLi Creating a Forum - Part 4 - Adding & Listing Replies

PHP/MySQLi Creating a Forum - Part 3 - Thread Page Introduction: This tutorial will be continuing my series of creating a forum in PHP/MySQLi/HTML. This is the fourth and (for now) the final part which is adding reply functionality. Pre-creation: First you will need a host for your PHP, either a web host or localhost is fine but you will need PHP and MySQL(i) capabilities. Also, this will not be covering creating users, or styling the pages.

Add/Edit/Delete Using CodeIgniter

In my previous example about Shopping Cart with Checkout Using CodeIgniter, I have a products table but without a product management. In this code sample, you’ll learn how to manage a product with add/edit/delete function using CodeIgniter. BTW, I have change the primary key of the products table from “serial” to “id”. This code is totally a separate project. But you can also learn from our