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GIS App for Flood-Prone and Disease Affected Areas

GIS App for Flood-Prone and Disease Affected Areas is one of the capstone project that I have created in a particular school. Features of the application: - Geographic Map - GIS - Flood Prone Map - Urban Map - Search a particular area - Has SQLite Database - Display Baranggays and their number of Diseases - Has GPS that can find your current location GIS Application provides Flood Monitoring and Disease Outbreak Information. Install Map.apk in the Objects folder after downloading the full source code. For more inquiries and need programm

Google Map Application in Android

Hi. I just want to share this android application in creating and displaying Google Map. I used the Basic4Android software in creating this application. I included the full source code in this application and also the GoogleMap Library in which you are going to put it in your b4a software library. It will be very helpful to your project and to your thesis software. Hope this app helps!