Library Management System

Library Management System with QR code Attendance and Auto Generate Library Card in PHP Free Source Code

Introduction This simple project is a Library Management System with QR code Attendance and Auto Generate Library Card. This is a web-based application project developed in PHP and MySQL Database. This project was mainly developed for Universities or Colleges to manage the library books, students/faculties visits, students/faculties visits, and any related features. This can help the school

Library Management System in Python using Django Free Source Code

Library Management System using Django in Python This project is entitled Library Management System. This is a web-based application developed in Python and Django Framework. This simple python project manages the School Library's Borrowing Transaction. It provides an online and automated platform for the management to store and retrieve the books and borrowing records efficiently and effectively

12 PHP Mini-Project Source Codes for Beginners

In this blog, I will share some of the PHP Mini-Projects I developed. The purpose of this article is to help students or self-learners to have an actual PHP Project to learn with. The project could be a good start within developing a big scope project, used for practicing enhancing the system to harness their programming capabilities/knowledge, and you might find some useful scripts. PHP

Library Management System in VB.Net, MySQL Database, and Bunifu Framework with Source Code

This Library Management System is a software-based system that is made of VB.Net, MySQL database, and Bunifu Framework that helps the design more elegant for the user-interface. The main goal of this system is to increase your library’s efficiency and save a lot of time for both librarians and users. The functions are very user-friendly that whenever the user uses this system, it helps the user

Library Management System with Barcode using PHP with Source Code

Hi guys! I have here a Library Management System with Barcode that was built for Valladolid National High School. This system is simple yet a useful system that I create using PHP/MySQL that uses barcodes for the borrowing books. This system I created may help you with your future projects. Also, for the beginners who really want to learn basic coding in PHP/MySQL. It is a user-friendly kind of this system.

Advanced Library Management System using VB.NET with Source Code

This is an Advance Library Management System project that helps a certain school manage its Library records such as the books and borrow/return transactions. This project is written using VB.NET 4.0 and MS Access 2010 as back end and was developed for S.D.P.V. College Indore. This system stores the list of books, school courses, school departments, faculties, students and many more. With this

Online College Library System using PHP/MySQL

Library plays an important role in all schools and colleges, no educational institution can exist without Library System. It is an important part of every school and college and it helps the librarian to keep records of available books as well as issued books. This Online College Library System was programmed using PHP and MySQL as the database and added AdminLTE plugin. This helps in different

Computer-Based Inventory Management System in

This is a project entitled Computer-Based Inventory Management System written in and Microsoft access database for Surigao Doctors College. The system has the following features: - Cataloging - Inventory - Circulation - Borrow - Return - View items - Maintenance - Stock-in - Stock-out - Item type - user settings - Generate report - History logs - About us - Logout Account Information

Library Management System

It’s an Library Management System Project written in C#.Net 4.0 as front end and SQL Server 2008as Back end. Main Features are: Books Entry Books Classifications Members Entry Suppliers Entry Books Category Books Sub Category Books Reservations Books Issue Books Return Journal and Magazines Journal and Magazines Billings Books Fine Setting Reports: Books Issue Report Students Books Issue Report