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Facebook FBT: PHP Internationalization Framework

FBT is an internationalization framework for PHP designed to be not just powerful and flexible, but also simple and intuitive. It helps with the following: Organizing your source text for translation Composing grammatically correct translatable UI Eliminating verbose boilerplate for generating UI This library is based on the JavaScript implementation of Facebook's FBT. Requirements PHP 7.0 or

E-Voting Source Code Published by Estonia on GitHub

The European country of Estonia, the creator of the world's first nationwide Internet-based voting system, released its source code to the public through GitHub, the world's largest open source code repository. The Estonian government posted the source code of their E-Voting System or the Internet Voting System to silenced the critics of the program.

Hotel Reservation System Now on GitHub

One of the most downloaded projects here called “Hotel Reservation System (VB.NET)” is now on GitHub. We decided to post this on GitHub so other programmers who are willing to modify the system can collaborate easily using version control of GitHub. I know that some of you are willing to improve this project. So, just follow it at GitHub repository link at Hotel Reservation System. We would like to accept any volunteers to create a manual or help file as well. I hope that you will devote little time for this project. Just contact us if you wanted to.

Useful & Handy Programming Tools

Seasoned programmers and newbies have their own tool kit like any other craft. Programming involves the use of a range of different tools that make their work easier in some way. Some of the most useful and handy programming tools are Text editors, Online Services, Design Frameworks, File Formats and other miscellaneous software. With the use of some handy tools and the ability to discover on how to use them, will surely improve your skill.

Free Sales and Inventory System Now on GitHub

The owner and curator of wanted to help the developer's community by posting a collaborative project on GitHub, the world's largest code repository. In order for the project to succeed we need your help for the completion of the Free Sales and Inventory System by getting inputs from various programmers who will volunteer to develop and enhance the features of this system.

Source Code Management: Free Cloud Resources for Application Developer

There are plenty of free cloud services for application developers. Developers need tools so that they can focus on the things they do best, improve their coding skills. As a programmer who have been in the business for the past years, we will going to share some of the free cloud resources that we used in maintaining our applications and sourcecode. As a good developer doesn’t meant that you’re not in need of a very reliable developer tools.