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Web-Based Student Clearance System in PHP Free Source Code

Web-based Student Clearance System is an online clearance system for managing student clearance in universities. This application can be accessed by multiple user roles. It helps the certain university to store and retrieve the student's clearance records easily. It has a pleasant user interface and consists of user-friendly features and functionalities. About the Student Clearance System The

Dynamically Add and Remove Form Item using jQuery clone() Method Tutorial

In this article, I will be discussing about how to create an Add and Remove Form Item Feature in web-application using jQuery's clone() method. This kind of feature is commonly applied to a project which has a process of saving multiple data at once in the database. There are lots of ideas and techniques you can create to achieve this feature with the help of jQuery, but I found this solution more simple and easiest in my experience.

Simple Student Information System in PHP/OOP Free Source Code

Introduction This is a Simple PHP entitled Student Information System. This is a web-based application platform that can help a certain university or college to manage the students' information and academic records. The application allows storing the details of the students and lists all of his/her academic histories with the relevant information such as the academic status of the student on the

Try My Recipe (Recipe Sharing Website - CMS) in PHP and SQLite Free Source Code

Introduction This is a PHP Project entitled Try My Recipe. It is a Recipe Sharing Website that is a kind of simple CMS or Content Management System. This project is a web-based application that provides an online platform where any users who like to cook can explore others' recipes and post/share their own recipes. The project has simple features and functionalities which allow the users to use

Pet Shop Management System Using PHP/PDO OOP Full Source code

Pet Shop Management System The capstone project entitled “Pet Shop Management System” is a system that allows pet shops to electronically manage their daily transactions. The system will automate the keeping of pet records, inventory, billing, services and products, and other transactions of the shop. This article will provide you with an idea on what are the forms to be included in a Pet Shop

Free Final Year Projects for Computer Science and IT Students 2020-2021

Final Year Projects for Computer Science or IT Students This article list some projects that can be used for Final Year Projects for IT (Information Technology) and Computer Science students. The projects are developed or written using PHP, Visual Basic .NET, C#, and Python. These projects will help you to enhance or your knowledge and skills in developing software-based, web-based, or online

Sales and Inventory System with Credit Management using PHP Full Source Code

This is an advanced Sales and Inventory System programmed using PHP. The PHP extension used is MySQLi. This system manages the company stocks, sales, and customer credits. The system can also manage multiple branches of the company and the admin can assign a system user to a specific branch and this user can only manage the data only to his/her branch. The administrator of this system can generate

Simple Shopping Cart Application in PHP MySQLi with Source Code

Simple Shopping Cart Application in PHP/MySQLi Update Info This simple project was orginally developed and submitted to this website using PHP/MySQL Source Code and currently the source code is now using PHP/MySQLi so that you can still run the source code in PHP 5.5.0 and higher version. Talking about the Project, this Simple shopping Cart Application in PHP/MySQLi is a simple project that can

Vehicle Parking Management System Project in PHP/MySQL with Full Source Code

As every city is trying to get betterment in their city culture in short they are hoping for a smart city. Vehicle parking management system is a project which I developed for my client from Lagos, Nigeria. This is full source code is useful for new programmers for learning purpose. students also can use it for academic project presentation but don't forget to appreciate my work by liking my