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Event Management System Project in PHP with Source Code

Event Management Software is software that helps in managing and organizing events. The software is designed to be used by event planners, organizers, and venue managers. Event planning is the process of creating an event or series of related events that are typically held at the same location, such as a conference, trade show, or exposition. Event planning can be done by individuals or by large

Online Event Booking and Reservation System in PHP/MySQLi with Free Source Code

About this Project: This Online Event Booking and Reservation System were modified in PHP and MySQL was the database utilized. This will be a major assistance to the school if a room or any spots inside the school will be held to utilize. The task has two client jobs, for example, understudy and educator. This venture likewise has an infusion in MySQL. This Event Booking System was developed using

School Event Management System in PHP/MSQLi with Source Code

This School Event Management System can create school events such as Volleyball games, Basketball, Cultural presentation, Election of school officers, etc. During school election Instead of having a compile list of candidates and voters, this system will help you manage the candidate for voting and the attendance of voters. And the winners can be automatically identified by the system whoever candidates contain the highest votes. School Event Management System is a system that will reduce your work and becomes very easy to handle all matters.

Event Management System using PHP/MySQL with Source Code

Project: Event Management System using PHP/MySQL with Source Code About The Event Management System is a simple PHP/MySQL project that will help an event organizing company or business manage their client event details and market the client event also. This system market also the venue list of the event organizing company's selected possible venue for an event. This event management system allows