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Creating Booklist App Using JavaScript and Web Local Storage

In this article, we will create a simple book web application using HTML, JavaScript, and Web Browser's Local Storage. This will help you to understand and learn how to create a web application and store data on the local storage. The application that we will create can enlist the book information in the table dynamically. The program is very simple, the user can add book details and can view the

Book Application (PageTurnerView in Android)

It's me again! :) I have created another Android application entitled Book App using Basic4Android. This book application is not an ordinary application that will just put some text on it and read only in one form. This application features to have a PageTurnerView in Android, meaning it is just like a book that you scan through its pages. This app also may help you on how to customize font, color, margins, line spacing, and page numbering. Just install Book.apk to your android phone and run it. This book app contains an utmost dedication to my girlfriend.