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URL Shortener Using PHP with Source Code

In the vast landscape of the internet, long and complex URLs can be cumbersome and difficult to share. That's where a URL shortener comes to the rescue. This project, "URL Shortener Using PHP," offers a simple yet powerful solution to shorten those lengthy web addresses and make them more user-friendly. The "URL Shortener Using PHP" project is designed to provide a seamless and efficient way to

News App Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript with Source Code

In the age of information, staying up-to-date with the latest news from around the world is essential. The " News App" is a web application that empowers users to explore news articles from different countries with ease. Built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, this project provides a user-friendly interface for selecting a country and fetching relevant news articles from that region. The

Random Password Generator Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript with Source Code

In today's digital age, the importance of strong and secure passwords cannot be overstated. With the proliferation of online accounts and services, it's crucial to have unique, complex passwords to safeguard your sensitive information. However, creating such passwords manually can be a daunting task. That's where a Random Password Generator comes to the rescue. This project introduces a simple yet

Auto Search Word Generator

In this tutorial we will create a game in C# called Auto Search Word Generator. This game creates a way of searching the word in the display letters in the form. And this game has a features to add, remove, generate, and show the answer of the list of words given or added by the user. Each word will be automatically generate and mix in the random letters and you will find out if what word will you want it to search and it will automatically show the exact word that you give.

Auto Generate Key

This tutorial will teach you on how to create a key automatically as a primary key in your table. It is sometimes needed to create your own key to format it on your own needs. Say for example you’d like to format it to start as four (4) digits rather than starting from one (1).

The code herein is based on the code that I have already submitted on some of my program like hotel reservation system. But these time a simplified one. I created this tutorial because there are some visitors in this website who asked this before.