Simple Antivirus Scanner

Simple Antivirus Scanner - Scans entire folder (drive) and subfolders for files with specific extension (optional), then gets file MD5 hash, Size in bytes and compares the two values with values from database, in case of match displays "Infected: ... etc ...". It contains a database maker; the database contains a fake virus for test purposes that is also available in this source code (a console

D.P.F Delphi AndroidNative Components

Welcome to the world of Android programming! Develop Native Android applications with Delphi XE5 Some components: + Added TDPFJAlertDialog + Added TDPFJAnalogClock + Added TDPFJButton + Added TDPFJCheckBox + Added TDPFJChronometer + Added TDPFJDatePicker + Added TDPFJDatePickerDialog + Added TDPFJEditText + Added TDPFJImageView + Added TDPFJListView (not completed) + Added TDPFJProgressBar + Added

D.P.F Delphi iOS Native Components

Develop Native iOS applications with Delphi XE4 / XE5 Develop iPhone & iPad & iPod Touch apps with fast native performance and native styles. Why choose D.P.F iOS Native components for your mobile app development needs? * Use native iOS controls and services * Fast native performance * Mixed Some Components with FMX controls * Can be quick updated with latest iOS controls & features * Improved all