Real-Time Currency Converter Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript with Source Code


Welcome to our Real-Time Currency Converter, a cutting-edge web application designed to provide users with instant and precise currency conversions. Developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, this project delivers a seamless and intuitive experience for individuals engaged in international financial transactions or simply curious about exchange rates. The user-friendly interface facilitates effortless navigation, allowing users to swiftly input amounts, select currencies, and obtain real-time conversion results.

Our converter boasts a comprehensive list of currencies, complete with currency codes and names, ensuring inclusivity and accuracy. The integration of the Exchange Rate API guarantees that users receive the latest exchange rates, keeping them well-informed during transactions. With additional features such as dynamic dropdowns, a swap functionality for quick currency switching, and a responsive design for optimal viewing across devices, this Real-Time Currency Converter stands as a reliable and accessible tool for anyone seeking to navigate the dynamic world of global currencies. Experience the power of real-time financial data at your fingertips with this user-friendly and visually appealing currency conversion solution.

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Key Features:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: The converter boasts a simple and intuitive interface, ensuring ease of use for individuals seeking quick and accurate currency conversions.

  2. Dynamic Currency Selection: Users can choose from an extensive list of currencies, each represented with both a currency code and name. The dynamic dropdowns make it easy to select the currencies for conversion.

  3. Real-Time Exchange Rates: The application fetches real-time exchange rates from the Exchange Rate API, providing up-to-date and accurate conversion results. The displayed exchange rate information keeps users informed about the current rates.

  4. Swap Functionality: A convenient swap button allows users to quickly switch between the 'Convert From' and 'Convert To' currencies, streamlining the conversion process.

  5. Responsive Design: The project features a responsive design, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing layout across various devices and screen sizes.

Technologies Used:

  1. HTML: The backbone of the project, HTML is used for structuring the web page, defining its elements, and establishing the overall layout.

  2. CSS: CSS is employed to style and visually enhance the user interface, ensuring a clean and attractive design. It's responsible for the layout, colors, fonts, and overall presentation of the application.

  3. JavaScript: As the scripting language of the web, JavaScript brings interactivity to the Real-Time Currency Converter. It enables dynamic updates, handles user input, and facilitates real-time communication with the Exchange Rate API.

  4. Exchange Rate API: The project integrates the Exchange Rate API to fetch the latest and most accurate exchange rates in real-time. This API plays a crucial role in providing up-to-date financial data for currency conversion..

  5. Google Fonts: The chosen font, Poppins, from Google Fonts, is imported to enhance the overall typography of the application.

Sample Screenshots of the Project:

Real-Time Currency Converter Landing Page

Sample Currency Conversion

How to Run?

  • Download the provided source code zip file.
  • Extract the downloaded zip file.
  • Open the html file and you are now ready to go!


In conclusion, the Real-Time Currency Converter demonstrates the power of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in creating a user-friendly and dynamic web application. By integrating real-time exchange rate data from the Exchange Rate API, users can seamlessly convert currencies with up-to-date accuracy. The responsive design ensures a consistent and visually appealing experience across different devices.

The project showcases the synergy of front-end technologies, with HTML defining the structure, CSS styling the elements, and JavaScript providing the interactivity. The user interface is intuitive, allowing users to easily input conversion values, select currencies, and view real-time exchange rates. The inclusion of features such as the ability to swap currencies enhances the overall user experience.

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