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Hi everyone, i made this code in order to help other programmer that find difficulties in creating online course ware using php.

There are 3 user of this code, the student, teacher, and the admin.
1. the function of the student is take the quiz, exams provided by the teacher.
2. the function of the teacher is he can set number of items, create question, activate and deactivate question, generate grades and among others.
3. the function of the admin is he can execute all the rule of the teacher, and the admin also can create an exam and among other.

database name:pcci
admin username: admin
admin password: admin

to add teacher and student you must login first in admin mode

the code and the sql file are included in the zip

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is this system has a algorithm?

username as admin and pw as admin don't work. it's not found

after login in the student login the goes directly to the scores and having some errors.

bkt di ako maka login sa using admin/admin acount

such as quiz.php on line 114
quiz.php on line 119 etc



admin admin .... yan pasok na po kayu as admin.. heheh

the progrqam is ok but for the student its hard to use and to modify canyou fix the problem regarding with the student page..tahnk you..

i have this error."Query failed"

username and password not found

ur code is very helpful..but sir one problem occured when login any user then gets warning Warning: session_start() like that how can i handle it.

sir bat ang daming error saken xamp gamit q na db bat ganun?

good work. if i login it is displaying username and password not found. i used the name store in the database. thanks

try to register new student record so that you can login
to create student you must login first as admin and create user, the error maybe cause by md5 login

Really like that you are providing such information on PHP MYSQl with JAVASCRIPT ,being enrolled at i really thank you for providing such information it was helpful.

lupit mo pre

Time is CODE.

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