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Welcome back to the updated version of Hotel Reservation System (VB.NET). I have an important update that includes all report that can be seen in VB 6.0 version. I have also fix some minor bugs.
To access VB 6.0 version please click Hotel Reservation System.
The features are the same as the version 1.0 but only upgraded to Visual Basic.NET 2008. You will learn in this program's source code the technique I have used to connect to the database.
Basic features:

  1. Guest reservation
  2. Billing System
  3. Change room
  4. Multiple account per room
  5. Guest report
  6. Other charges

This program (executable and source code) is release under the GNU License to protect the future development of this application.
This will still remain free so everybody may benefit from this program.
If you find this program or source code usefull please don't forget to donate. Your contribution is very much appreciated for the future development of this program.
Account Info:
Username: admin Password: admin
For the database password please read What is the database password.

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  1. If blnActive = IsOpen("frmReservationList") then

Unless you know how the code above works, that's the time you are going to appreciate my program.

How can a carpenter appreciate the work of a programmer?

My question to you is: Are you a carpenter? :P


Man you are doing a great job I must say you are my mentor when it comes to programming..... but note that such people like that young carpenter need to be avoided, I don't even know what he is searching on this site... guess may be some nails.

Don't break your arm trying to pat yourself on the back.

First of all, you don't need to test if a form is open if you always open it with a .ShowDialog method. More than half of your forms you are.

Secondly, if you never assign a value to a variable, such as blnActove, you should either use a constant or not use the variable at all.

In this case, a more comprehensive statement would have been:

  1. If Not IsOpen("frmReservationList") then

As for my vocation, I am a carpenter and a programmer and in my spare time I teach both.

Have a nice day.

I think you are more than a carpenter than a programmer. Examine the code carefully if I use blnActive variable in ShowDialog properties.

FYI, isOpen function is used to determine if the form is already open or not. If open then no need to call the succeeding code.

We must be looking at two different pieces of code, because the only place that blnActive is used is in the comparison between it and the function IsOpen.

Oh, no... You don't think that blnActive is getting assigned a value in the if statement, do you?

Goodness, that explains it. To actually assign a value to blnActive you would have to do that separately from the If statement. For example:

  1. blnActive = IsOpen("SomeForm")
  2. if blnActive then

Now, you shouldn’t go slighting any profession when you are just a beginner in your own.


Why should I use two lines of code if I can make it one line?

  1. If blnActive = IsOpen("frmRoomWindow") Then

If you only know how c/c++ works may be you'd gone astray. Where in c/c++, most of the statement are coded in just one line.

And oh! Yes, I'm not a professional programmer. I'm just a beginner. BUT! Can you show us your best coding practice? You didn't even have one source code uploaded and shared to the community. And if you have one where can we find it? So, we can see it and give comments on it.

And again from your first post:

This was a poor effort that needs much work before it could ever even be considered a beta. And you are trying to portray it as sample code?

If this was a poor effort can you make it better? You try to talk and talk without action and that's the poor effort.

Share your code here so others may avail of it.


Sir i have downloaded some of your works but when i run it into my pc there was an error that says:

Unable to read c:\"the file".vbproj

what should i do??

What version of .NET you are using?

sir im using 2005 express edition...

I don't use express edition so I can't give you the right answer.

But may be express edition is lacking something like a crystal reports, so it gives you an error.

Hi Sir,

Can I get the system design with SSADM or OO? Or where can I find this design? I want to learn about this process...

How to connect to microsoft jet OLEDB please help

i need ur help.... um computer science student and now um jest try to submit the proposal of our project (HOTEL RESERVATION SYSTEM ) if you have a C# code replay back to me 
[email protected]
10 @ 4 ur ......c u

Their are some who volunteer for the C# version. I can't tell you when to release this version.

Hello Sir im working on online hotel booking project.i am not getting an idea how to do this
so plz can u help me.if at all a user wants to check the availabity of rooms than he should
display the availability of rooms with dates .can u tell me in database what r the fields we r
going to take and how to write the code.if at all u hv the source code plz send to me...
[email protected]  i hope u will reply thanks in advance.............

Please read FAQ.

Hi sir can u define how to connect to sql server using LAN Based
here in my connection string cons = "server=122.52.*****,1433;Network Library=DBMSSOCN;Initial Catalog="database here";User ID=sa;Password=password;"

already Enable tha sql serrver config. manager the TCP/IP but conncetion Lan is not work...

Try this:
Data Source=122.52.*****,1433;Initial Catalog="database here";;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=sa;Password=password;

Make sure also that you have set mixed authentication.
Enable TPC/IP under client protocols in SQL Server configuration manager.

plss sir pa help po sna ako ng Porject
malamang po easy lang po sa inyo to..
bali po ung project ko po about sa COndominium reservation system.. bali sabi ng sir ko ay basta mapakita lang daw na nag sasave ung Reservation FOrm na FIFIL-upan tpos mag sasave sa DataBase Sql server.. plss help me po

kuya ano po contact number nyo po? pa help po sana ako sa PRoject ko plss

kuya pde po mag patulong plsssssssssss

hello how are you? I really like your application and i'm trying to design similar one with less features for a class project, i'm having trouble linking to ms access; although it links but nothing displays in access ...if I can have your email to email you this project of mine and you can get back to me with your advice, corrections- greatly appreciated!...

I can give you my advice but I can't help you code your project. I will contact you now thru your contact page.

Can i have full copy??? [email protected]

The above link contains the full source code.

Hello, its really nice application, can i have full copy???
[email protected]

Dear Sir,
I have job to develop reservation system for Training Center which have class room, dormitory, catering service, etc. Payment adjust by cost center per each division.
Any suggest for this case ?
Thanks for your great kindness

Seems very easy. You can make hotel reservation here as your reference.

can i have the code for reservation?


[email protected]

I Need User Name & Password

Read the FAQ.

i'm currently using vs 2005, can we have all project (payroll, hotel reservation ... ), send me to email. [email protected] , thq

You must upgradet to 2008. I don't have plan to release a 2005 version.

thanks please all .net 2008 ok . i'm learning them.

can i know the password for database i.e filename data.mdb?plz reply soon.thanks in advance.

Read the FAQ.

Good day sir,
i must tell you you're the best..i've checked ur projects and they are great..i want to know if you have source code for Source Code for call center application  in email is [email protected] if you need to sent to me..10ks again

Thanks but I don't have source code for call center.

would you mine sir if get your email to send you about my project
in just wanna get some advice.My problem sir I would ask is that I cant show to the user that the rooms is available or not for example that in the daabase records the room 101 is occupied then the label for room 101 will going to chage its back color

I am currently working on that features. Just finish the reservation yesterday and I hope to upload this code next week.

thanks! very good.

i have this application built in vb 2005 / SQL SERVER and i am having a problem with the report using crystal report in Epson LX 300+ model. I could not set a custom size report using the printer model.

If you have an idea on how to set a custom size in Epson LX 300+ can you post in this forum?


Thanks and by d way nice works!!! :)

Its very helpful and useful link....

Go to control panel then printer settings. Click file then Server Properties. After the dialog box appear click the "Create a new form".

Set the paper size that you like.

nope i tried that already several times unfortunately it didnt work, the previewing is looks ok in my desired custom paper size but when it prints it set in letter size. this only happens when i print on the lx 300+ but for the other printer like the fx 2170 it was ok.




Have you tried to setup the paper size programmatically?

by d way i like your backgroud in your pic :D

They're playing beach volleyball. :D


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