Students Information System

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Student Information System

This will record the payments received from students. The amount is calculated using a running balance. It has a student's receipt report and Overall collection per school year and semester.

Hope this help.

Account Information

username: admin
password: admin

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please help me:( i need a student information system codes. is there anybody to help me? my my e_mail id is [email protected] plesae send me codes

Sir can you send me Simple Information codes using PHP?? pls..

this is my e-mail: [email protected]

how to design a student attendance system???? what should be the tables and entities???? and how to develop the relations between the tables????????

sir Please sent me code of student info system!
E-Mail: [email protected]

sir i need code for this project can u send the code to my mail. my id [email protected]

Gud day Sir!

i know my question is irrelevant with this....but i hope u can help me. can i ask on how to connect server to client in a monitoring system and vice versa?

Hope u can response on this!



,,I need a code for student information system,,,if can have it pls kindly email me on my email add. [email protected]


sir i need ur help...can u give me human resource info system in mas access for my proj...i badly need it..tnx sir

i want to ask if you know how to create a system using open source. its a student information system which partly online and offline/backend. but it should work in an open source only. thanks


i want help in my project to human information system with store biomatric feture with opration delete,update,serach,insert

how to encode the students information...

we have project about Student attendance management,it is a client-server...hope that you can help me...

do u have any example of coding to make the student attendant system search by sing subject n section? me..

i really need the infromation of making soft ware program because it was our requirements please tnx.....♫

hi, if u want to make a software program pls try MS Visual Basic google and download it if theres non installed in your PC then search for tutorials in youtube, you can make a calculator software, virus, anti-virus, calendat software or even games...hope i helped ^_^

sir, i downloaded the codes. .how can i make this as an exe file without opening the access anymore but as a aplication.

You can't convert an mdb file to exe file. You can, however, compile it to mde so your client won't see the source code.

sir what are the procedure in compling an ms access program?

To compile an ms access program you go to tools menu then database utilities and click make mde file

tnx po..

Hello sir, I was just wonderin if how will I remove those design in this database. I have a project in SQL and my prof wants me to create a DB in SQL in msaccess w/out those designs. Can you teach ne how to remove it and will just make it a simple one? Thanks and God Bless.

Human Knowledge Belongs to the World.

i need a code using ms access 2000 with vb c++... tnx

Hope u r doing well.God bless u!!!!!

ur system is very helpful for me.



Ajay nagar


your system is very useful.................

your system is trully helpful.....keep up the good works


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