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This is a simple inventory system that computes the running balance of an item. It records the Item received and Item issued. It then computes the running balance from Item Received minus Item Issued.

Account Information:

username: admin

password: admin

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    When i typed a username and password to the login form it nothing's happened...

Please be more specific to the error you have encountered.

Password admin/admin is not working but user/user is woking for login

There is no user/user for username and password in this program. It's admin/admin.


how can i open the zip. folder? i think it can help me to my project

Hi sir, i just want to ask if you have a PURCHASE REQUEST INVENTORY SYSTEM.

Your reply is much appreciate.
Thank you.

You can massage me at my EMail:[email protected]

Try enablig things (such as macros and content)

nice job done by you.........

if u can make any inventory management software, then mail me at [email protected]

it is good chance for prove yourself more in front of the world.



My Inventory System v1.0.75 will give you a start in making an inventory management system. But this code is more specific to my client.

now admin and user password aren't working at all

i am stuck at the login screen.

It should work flawlessly. The username/password is admin/admin. If you cannot logon using this credential then press F11. This will show you the database window.

password not working

thank you for give software

hope u can help me on my code,,

what about the title on the login

What do you mean?

.can u give me a code using visual basic 6.0 for book inventory system ??


can u please tell me how to write d code for dis.

Study access if you want to learn. Here's the link:

Hi Great Admin...Im new here..gusto ko sana humingi ng source code ng kahit basic inventory system po kuya nung meron pong userlog at may progressbar..using visual studio 2005...ung SQL server 2000 na database..thankz po kuya...nag wo woried kc ako sa system ko kuya...pra po sa thesis namin...meron na po akong nagawa na system kaso ang dami po talagang error...kahit po kuya ung suppliers info ako na po bahala mag continue...Thankz po kuya...sana po matulongan nyo po ako...mwuah


God Bless...


and More power...


Its me: ♥♥Mabelle♥♥

[email protected]

Good day.So how was your thesis po? :)


I have but it is very advance. Inventory System v1.0.75.

kuya...hindi ko po ma open ung Inventory Sytem...huhuhu im using visual studio 2005 po...

Ate visual basic 6.0 version lg po ito. :P

Hi. I tried to use the program also, and I can't get through the log-in page. there must be something wrong. the code is not working.

There is no special code behind the login form. If you can't use the login form then read my reply below.

Great Admin...why is that the inventory system is not workin?im using visual stuio 2005...can you give me inventory system using visual studio 2005??with an security login...and a crystal report...thank you admin...
its me again
if you have some extra time great can also send me the inventory system in visual studio...thank you so much...
[email protected]

I don't have the 2005 version. It's for vb 6.0.

im doing my a levels and i need a project on library management system containing atleast 7 Tables can u please help???

Library system will be release anytime after I update Hotel Reservation. But this library system has advance feature and it is made of ms access.

kuya pahingi ng codes pra s java creator tnx

I Like the Software

Your publishing a non-working's beter fall it out to this site.

I tested it again and it is working fine. May be your computer has a virus named "I don't know how to open this program" and you are stuck as being a beginner.


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doo you have any codes in c++ ? i need 1 for point of sales and inventory but it must be in c++

Please search the site. I found c++ source code for inventory here last month.

hi nice work done by you.I found some good codes in


im very noob in terms of creating a report, and im still learning database, thanks for the reply. . .


Grate Code of Enrollment system.

Pl. can you help me how to run that exe to client machine.

Database is on server and i am not connect to database through your connecting string.

so, pl. help me about it.

i am also beggenar in vb / C# . when i put conecting string to define server (. local host ). after that build exe and then put it to server then after shering to that exe. but i am not conecting server .

my email id is [email protected]

All you need is to map the shared folder from your server to your client's machine.

sir could you pls help me how to make database in excel via macro code?

[email protected]

thanks a lot sir

inventory system using php for our thesis

i need your help

hai i am beginner
i hope this is useful

hi sir! i'am beginner to MS access and VB.. i would like to ask if you have step by step guide how to create this inventory system.

Thank you and God Bless..

Sorry I don't have one.

What do you do to get program start working properly. It seems the program is not responding to any command. Please help.

May be you did not get the logic on this program. A textbox that does not respond to any command is a derived attribute.


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