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At last I have successfully passed the TESDA Programming NCIV exam last December 5 and 6. The exam sure is tough and I think college students would have a hard time passing the exam especially those taking up 2-year programming course and the nominal PGS scholars. The exam has 2 parts. The object-oriented programming where in you have to develop a library system using any OOP language of your choice with MS Access integration and the second part, a payroll system using any procedural language using file manipulation functions. I used Visual Basic 2008 for the OOP and C for the procedural. For the first part, a candidate for NCIV must have knowledge in SQL in these areas: * LIKE * AND / OR * JOINS * Query grouping The candidate must also know how to cast database datetime column values to language DateTime object for date and time comparison. This is essential in the part where in you have to check for the validity of the user account. There are four tables in the database where in you have to query those tables all in one single query using joins. * tblUser - contains the userid and personal information of the user * tblUserAccount - contains the username and password * tblRoles - contains the role for each user account (e.g. Administrator or Member) * tblMembership - contains the validity of each user account For the second part, you must be familiar with the following C functions (if you prefer to use C for the procedural exam): * fopen * fgets * strtok * atoi * fflush * fprintf You must also be familiar with looping and conditional statements. The best way to pass this exam is to have a thorough review of the areas I mentioned above. College instructors must also be proficient in these areas in order for them to properly prepare the students for the NCIV exam.
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There's some comment also in this post: http://www.sourcecodester.com/visual-basic/inventory-system-pharmacy-japheth-luching.html#comment-4316 that NC IV is very difficult especially if you are a begginer. NCC programming is also difficult since you have to program the whole system. In our case we required to program a Car Park Billing System. There is a theory in the morning and an actual hands on in the afternoon. By the way congratulation!

Yes, NCIV is very difficult especially for students. problem kasi sa curriculum ng mga schools ngayon di maxado nafofocusan ung SQL commands and structured programming using procedrual language. Yun pa naman ang foundation na kelangan sa NCIV exam. I still haven't taken the NCC ICT Proficiency exam, right now i'm reviewing for the Philnits Fundamental I.T Engineer exam.. My friend already took the NCC exam, he passed the exam. Sir, have you already took the Philnits Exam?

uhm?.. 2nd year IT student poh ako. I don' have enough knowlegde about he vb 6 and vb.net..How many days po ba kayo ng review bago mag take ng Programming NC IV?.. teeeceee
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One thing to remember is that to pass the NCIV exam you don't need to be proficient in VB or VB.NEt, actually the exam focus more on how you interact with the database using SQL statements. I Suggest you this review plan: 1. Study SQL Statements Thoroughly (SELECT, LIKE, WHERE, DISTINCT, OR, AND ... ) 2. Study how to use SQL statements from the programming language of your choice. (Example: For VB6 you will use ADODB, for VB.NET you will use ADO.NET using System.Data.OleDb )

yes, pde ang java sa procedural programming. if mas gamay mu yung java. mag java ka nlan.
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pwede po ba PHP gamitin?
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Bawal po :D lalo na pag ako ang assessor :) 09178311206

how about sir if i use dao for vb. i plan to take NCIV...can you help me any tips sir???

Hi Kuya Arjay, My plano po ako mgpa-assess dis coming febraury..Any tips or coverage po ng assessment..Currently,java and VB ang gamit kong language sa work ko.Dito na ako natuto sa work ko natuto ng programming.ECE graduate po ako e..ano po ang dapat kong ifocus..My knowledge na din po ako sa MySQL at oracle..

Dun sa unang part ng exam, ung may database integration, you can use any OOP language you like. But I suggest you use VB6 or VB.NET. If you use JAVA, you must be familiar with JDBC or you can use frameworks such as Hibernate to facilitate easy database programming using Object-Relational Mapping(ORM). Ako although current work ko is JAVA and I'm already familiar with database operations using JAVA, I chose VB.NET. Mas matagal kasi gumawa sa JAVA as compared with VB. Ang database na ibibgay sa exam eh MS Access 2003. You must be familiar with JOINS and the use of "LIKE" for record filtering in SQL queries. Simple lang naman ung cases dun, filtering lang ng records by category, title, author, ISBN or combination of those. Tapos login function. Sa login function you must be able to query four tables in a single query by using JOINS. Dun sa procedural, dont use any OOP language. Although .NET and JAVA are capable ng console-based applications, they are not considered as procedural languages since you will always use objects on those languages. Either choose C or C++ for the procedural exam. For the procedural exam, you must be proficient in file and string manipulation. Reviewhan mo ung mga binggit ko sa post ko na mga C/C++ functions na necessary for you to solve the procedural part of the exam. Allowed din gumamit ng any IDE or Editor na familiar ka. Kaya dala ka ng installer sa assessment center. Also another key to pass the exam, is to "USE THE IDE FOR YOUR ADVANTAGE" Almost all IDEs ngayon may built-in help feature so use the help or manual of the IDE if ever medyo nalilito ka. Also make it a routine to step-through your code using breakpoints. I hope this helps. Good luck with your exam!

Mahirap ba tlaga para sa mga 2 years comp. course? Kac ako 2 years cors lang...

We will be having our Exam next week @ Balasan Iloilo, as I have red from your post that you have used VB 2008 in the 1st Part. How does it work? Was is it already installed Or can I demand to have the VB 2008 installed on the Computer? Please some Information would be very helpful for us Programmers, Thanks in advance.

may i know kung taga saan po kayo? graduate ako ng CompSci, but di ako masyado nakafocus ngayon sa programming kc hirap sa management, am scheduled for Programming NC IV assessment tomorrow but i have to ask the assessor if he could re-schedule my exam by next year so para makapagreview ako. sana maipasa ko rin yung exam. pero palagay ko malabo. kaya need ko talaga magreview. any other tips for start sir?can you give me a very simple file manipulation program?thx

what's the language of the programming did you used sir? is it allowed to use any database software to manage the data in the programming environment? thanks for the informations

I use VB 6.0. But now they already have VB.NET. They are using MS Access for the database. The sad part is that the database relationship in MS Access is not correct. So I insist to the proctor to see the database relationship 'coz I cannot save the record from VB.
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Sir may I asked what course you finished? Thnks sir..
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I finished 2 year computer system programming in 2006 and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 2009.
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Congratulations sir! God bless and good luck to your carreer.....
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Required po ba na Degree holder ka para makapag-exam ng NC IV? Nabasa ko kasi sa isang site, pero mukhang matagal na un na post.

Yup kelangan 4 years grad ka. Dati, allowed ng tesda ang 2 year courses to take NC exams, pero naghigpit sila. Even yung Assessors Methodology and Trainers Methodology (AM/TM) nila, di na pwede ang 2 year course grads.

2 years grad ako ng comscie pero nkapagpa-register na ko sa exam...and nkpag-AMTM n din ako last August
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Sir wait po, dun sa 2nd exam pwede ba gumamit ng Visual FoxPro? Visual FoxPro has a built-in database e. Or pwede gamitin sa first part? Is it in the list of language that is allow to use? Or sila mamimili sir? I'm planning to take this tesda exam after my BSIT and now I'm a 3rd year student. I still have time to prepare and I have a little knowledge about programming. Visual Basic 6.0 is my favorite one. But I still want to learn more before taking the tesda exam. One more question. How about if you pass the First part then fail in the Second (in vise versa)? What would be the result? Hope you can guide me about it. Thank you in advance and congrats ^_^

You cannot use the builtin foxpro database kasi sila ang magpprovide ng database in MS Access format. If you fail the first part only, you will only get COC1 but not NCIV. Same thing if you only pass the second part, then you get COC2. You need to pass both in order to get the NCIV.

ok lang kaya kung yung object oriented lang yung i-take ko sa NC kc java daw yung gamit sa procedural...eh wala nman sa curriculum namin dati yung java eh
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Good morning have a nice day!we are making now a restaurant system,but we have no more knowledge to use visual basic,we need an example of form and it's code.. Thank you!!!
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mali ata post mo d2 hehehe
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nice work, I've tried it once and i was disappointed with the assessor kasi sobrang arte. I was the fastest programmer who took the exam, almost finished the first COC in two hours kaso nag brown out. when i boot the PC agen, i was so furious when i learned that the PC i am using has DeepFreeze which reverts the settings of ur PC to the default config and erases all ur saved data! Bad Trip...Hindi man lang ako binigyan ng consideration considering na he didnt give me a proper notice that the PC utilizes deep freeze! sarap sabunutan nun kasi parang bading. Tinamad na ako kunin ang 2nd COC kaya better luck next time na lang! swerte mo dude...di lahat ngayon kayang pasahan ang NC4...heheh! next take i'll be one of you ppol... teecee! -NomZ

vb 6 is not purely object oriented language because it lacks the following, (implementation) inheritance (not as extinsible such as vb.NET c# java and c++) so that is why it is not suited as OOP langauge
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ako din po nakapasa, ngayong January lang, meron na akong COC, ang susunod ko namang exam ay NC4 na, procedural, sana magaw ko
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san ka grumaduate? ask lang... tnx
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..Patulong nmn bagsak ako sa NC-IV ang hirap kc ng exam,lahat kme bagsak..
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kw b si arjay tutanes... anu ead mo pre... galindez to..
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sir....ahm ngayong 2010 nah...is it still okay to take NCIV even if ur just a 2yr. course grad.????
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sa traditional programming anong language ang mga options.. kapag foxpro ginamit anong database ang gamitin... thanksss....
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mas madali for OOP gamitin ang vfp...un nga lang dapat marunong ka magcode ng connection sa access...
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yah ako sa sarili ko twice ako nag exam.. dahil may mga mali kci strict ang assessor. kung tingnan u ung package d ka talaga makapasa once lang u need to take 1,2 or 3 times...

My friend also take the exam and he mentioned to me na ang OOP language na ginamit eh VB6.... FYI na lang... VB6 is not an Object Oriented Programming language... Tools palang eh mali na... E di naloko lalo mga kukuha ng exam...

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