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Operations Research: Least Cost Rule Solver

This application, written in C++ is a console application for solving transportation problem in operations research. The app accepts unlimited rows and columns and add domin where necessary and determines if a problem is a non-degenerated problem by appropriate allocation and optimisation. The complete source code is uploaded to assist students and researchers in their various endeavours. You are

Quiz Management System in C++

Hello World...!!! Though I am not an expert programmer but today i want to share my little knowledge of C/C++ programming by sharing this simple Quiz Management System with you people. I hope this may help some students in their mini assignments/projects. It is a Quiz Management System in C/C++ which contains Quizes in form of MCQs for various subjects. You people are free to modify this program

Test Whether Two Graphs are Isomorphic or Not

Hello, this is a simple C source code, written in dev-C++ platform (OS- Windows 7). This code actually check whether two given graphs are Isomorphic or not. Basically here both graphs are represented by their Adjacency matrix. At first this check whether two graph has equal number of vertices or not, then if they have the same number of edges, then again it is checked that whether they have equal