Point Of Sale System in C# and SQL Server Free Download

Introduction This is a C# and MS SQL Server Project entitled Point of Sale System. This is a software-based application that allows a specific store or shop to manage its day-to-day transactions. The system 2 sides of GUI which are the Administrative Side and the Customer Side. About the POS System This Point of Sale software was developed for my client's thesis. The system contains the features

Basic CRUD Operation in Profiling System in VB.NET with Source Code

In this project you will learn how to Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete, especially for beginners this is a good starting point and also you will learn how to properly dispose of connections correct usage of commands and parameters. This simple program operates in a single form application. The user interface contains the Profile Form Panel, Data Grid View that displays the list of students, and

How to Create a simple Registration Form in PHP/MySQLi and HTML

Introduction: This tutorial will cover creating a register form with PHP/MySQLi/HTML. Steps of Creation: Step 1: First, we need to create a database to hold the user accounts. This is done through MySQL/PHPMyAdmin. On your localhost/web host cPanel/Control Panel go to MySQL Databases and create a new one (for example; the name of your site - Mine will be "tutorial"). Next, go to PHPMyAdmin and

How to Convert SQL Database into Excel File (*.xlxs) in PHP

In this tutorial, we will convert sql to excel using PHP. This code will read all data from an SQL table then add it into an excel file using a class called "xlsxwriter.class.php". You can download the class using this link from Github Things to do You have to download and install XAMPP or any local server that run PHP scripts. In my case I used XAMPP as my local server, here's the download link

How to Get the Average of One Column in MySQL Database using PHP

This tutorial tackles on how to get the average of one column in mysql database using PHP. There are instance that we wanted to get the average of one column for reporting purposes like average sales, expenses etc. Normally, we get the sum of the column then we divide it by number of rows but actually there is a sql function that determines the average of one column.

How to use SQL Limit to Limit Results in PHP/MySQLi

The use of limit limits the number of results of your MySQL Query and is usually at the last part of your SQL. This is most applicable if for example, you want to get the top selling product, you just need to order the result then limit it by 1. This tutorial will teach you how to use this limit. Note: Bootstrap CSS and script used in this tutorial are hosted, therefore, you need internet connection for them to work.

Creating our Database

First step is to create our database. 1. Open phpMyAdmin. 2.

Attractive Login Form

This is a Simple Login webpage with attractive template. Create an database Database Name : site Remember Small 's' Create a table name login and then input the username and password into the value inside table. Note, For security purpose When inserting the password value use function "MD5" THE ABOVE STEP IS COMPULSORY Then run and use this code in your project. Thanks & abracadabra