Wedding Guest e-Book Using PHP and MySQL with Source Code

Welcome to the enchanting Wedding Guest e-Book project, a digital tapestry that encapsulates the essence of love, laughter, and memorable moments shared by cherished guests at a joyous wedding celebration. Developed with PHP, this e-book offers a dynamic and visually captivating showcase of guest entries, each presented in an interactive card format. Delve into a world where personal messages

MySQLi vs. PDO: Which PHP Database API Should You Use?

Interacting with databases is crucial in numerous web applications, and PHP, a widely used and adaptable scripting language for web development, is well-suited for this task. In PHP, two commonly favored methods for database interaction are MySQLi (short for MySQL Improved) and PDO (PHP Data Objects). They both provide means to connect with databases, execute queries, and fetch data, but they

The Essential Guide to the Differences between Relational and Non-Relational Databases

A database is a structured collection of data that has been set up and stored to make it easy to manage and manipulate the information. Numerous organizations, including businesses, governments, and educational institutions, use them. From straightforward lists and records to intricate data structures used by software applications and systems, databases are used to store a wide range of

The Significance and Demand of Full-Stack Development Today

Full-stack developers are individuals who have skills in both front-end and back-end web development. They are experts in creating an entire stack of a web application, responsible for the user interface and database management. What is Front-End Development? Front-end development involves the interactive design of web applications that are responsible for user experience. Front-end developers are

How to Become a Web Developer?

In today's digital age, programming is the most valuable skillset that everyone can offer. Web development is one of the most in-demand jobs in the field of programming. You may even have the option to work as a freelancer and take on various projects, giving you flexibility and the potential for higher income. Almost every business, organization, and even individuals use websites to showcase

Most In-Demand Programming Languages in 2023

It was 1883 when the first programming language was created. But as time goes by, new and upgraded programming languages have been invented. For this reason, programming languages are powerful tools that help dominate an industry. Programming languages are used to develop application software that assists people in performing specific tasks that can be managed, manipulated, and organized easily

Point Of Sale System in C# and SQL Server Free Download

Introduction This is a C# and MS SQL Server Project entitled Point of Sale System. This is a software-based application that allows a specific store or shop to manage its day-to-day transactions. The system 2 sides of GUI which are the Administrative Side and the Customer Side. About the POS System This Point of Sale software was developed for my client's thesis. The system contains the features

Basic CRUD Operation in Profiling System in VB.NET with Source Code

In this project you will learn how to Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete, especially for beginners this is a good starting point and also you will learn how to properly dispose of connections correct usage of commands and parameters. This simple program operates in a single form application. The user interface contains the Profile Form Panel, Data Grid View that displays the l ist of students

How to Create a simple Registration Form in PHP/MySQLi and HTML

Introduction: This tutorial will cover creating a register form with PHP/MySQLi/HTML. Steps of Creation: Step 1: First, we need to create a database to hold the user accounts. This is done through MySQL/PHPMyAdmin. On your localhost/web host cPanel/Control Panel go to MySQL Databases and create a new one (for example; the name of your site - Mine will be "tutorial"). Next, go to PHPMyAdmin and