How to Improve your Programming Skills?

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In this article you will learn a simple technique on how to improve your programming skills. I know this will work because this is a proven experience of my own. The following steps will greatly improve your programming skills.
1. Read a book – I cannot stress how important reading to improve your programming skills. But for me it work very well. More on “A Very Important Tool a Computer Programmer Must Have”.
2. Write your own code – I know it’s very hard to write your a code if you don’t have any project to do. But read the next step.
3. Download free source code – download free source code and modify some function which you do not like. Add additional features. Download some trial version software related to the source code you have downloaded and imitate what you can’t find in the source code.
4. Upload your source code – upload your source code so other programmer may see it and give you advice. Some may criticize but don’t worry it’s normal.
5. Be patient – patient is another way to improve your skills. Don’t hurry. This will only complicate the situation. Set a goal. May be one month to learn the fundamentals of programming. Two months to learn database programming. Three months to learn game programming.
6. Get some job online – look for available job online. More on “How to become a highly paid freelance programmer”.
7. Get some job offline – you may also wish to look for a job on your local town. You can advertise your name and number in your local newspaper. Tell your friends if they know someone who is looking for programmer. You do not know your friend has another friend who is looking for a programmer. Prepare your calling card.
8. If you get bored and don’t know what to do just relax. Leave your computer. Comeback later on and read some book about programming. Watch “A day in the life of a programmer” to get motivated.
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saan nman pwding kumuha ng job?
where we can gent the online job?
can any one tell me plz?

I accidentally found this website, while I am searching for 2005 sales and inventory system code for my pre-thesis project in software engineering class last semester, the search engine displayed the links of this site. I finally found the answer to my problem, the POS, but I found out that the code was created in vb6 and i can't be able to upgrade it in, but it's worth for me, i got some idea of the software that I downloaded here that coded by sir Jomar..thank you sir….anyway my sales and inventory project that I’ve created got an average grade during my defense.. Unfortunately, my project was lost when my friend had barrowed my usb, after she inserted it on a computer with virus, all of myb files were currupted, simultaneously on that time I formatted my hard disk too. Too bad. i have no back up :(...anyway I am graduating by next sem.. Hoping that I can pass my final thesis, softare project, the library management system... sir jomar, if you have time would you helped for it... I’ll try to upload it here soon maybe next month... I need your comments for the improvement of my project.... I admit I collected a lot of codes from various programmer, like sir Philip naparan, sir junald astrono, anyway..sir astronomo has a great codes of his library management system software that I downloaded last time, though some features and category are not present but it works anywhere as long as the computer has a dot net framework,…. I collected some of your codes sir… like hotel management system, billing system, the payroll which I got some techniques in database manipulation….
Thanks a lot here….
More power to all of you..!!!
its me....
[email protected]
[email protected]

It's okay to copy some code here. That's what the purpose of this website. It would be great also if you can share back what you have.

Hi Friend,
I want source code to Create Search Engine in Java.
Plz Give Me
My mail id is [email protected]

Good Day! Hi sir can you please give a step by step or simple source code sample on how to use b8sidetab for example i make a quick launch tab then under quick launch i want to set a list of category like form1,form2 open when i click or double click on a specific form.thanks please email it on [email protected] i highly appreciate that.I really want a clear source code sample to understand on how to use this control.

anyway, i got some err, while i am typing my post here.... as you can see the calibri font.. i encoded my post in msword 2007... look what happen... mahaba...bakit ganunz...
thanks a lot here

sir, bychance i found this site and it is very help ful , i download HowtoAddUpdateDeleteRecord,it is very nice and help full code, but i think if u make some change in this prg like delete button make new button , select record by mouse and edit that particular records, and how to download csv file(comm separted value ) void duplicate value like once we download data for dt 23/04/09, next time when i run this program ignore all record for 23/4/09 which copied

thanks and redgards
my email address
[email protected]

Well if you have that guts to do projects then post a some kind of memorandum or a piece of paper near your school including that you are making projects, specify your field of expertise, your price and how long it will take to finished.

Well I've done that until now hahaha I'm making money almost 20,000 per semester. As Mr. Admin say that you will improve during the developing phase, well that's right. New idea will come along during developing phase.

If you get used to with your old codes, that's fine, as long as it works and no debugs. I remember myself starting making projects using Adodc and Datagrid and until now I'm using it do display such information like Master List of Books and etc.

I was hired by my classmate to make him a DTR (Daily Time Record) on their company. Well you can price your own thing. I priced it 20,000. I know it's cheap but I don't have any options because I'm not yet a licensed programmer. It took me 8 days to complete it.

Hahaha hope this piece of words help others to boost their eagerness to earn big money. Hahaha goodluck happy coding ^_^

Web / System Developer
Contacts :
[email protected] >>> Facebook/YM
ICCT Colleges Cainta Rizal

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