Keylogger in c# (parallel implementation)

PROGRAMMER: WINSTON L. GUBANTESSystem Requirements:1. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, 2005 OR HIGHER2. CPU(Intel,Amd) 1ghz or higher3. RAM 512 mb or higher (1gig recommended)4. Flash Player (later versions)Requirements for IDE:1. C# VS STUDIO 2010 Professional EditionFeatures:1.) Capture keys input by user(Most accurate keylogging)2.) All logs will be send through email3

Create Report Criteria on the Fly

Create criteria for reports in real time, as needed. Instructions are included in the rptInstructions report within the project. The system was written using MS Access 2010 Default file format is Access 2007 Operations: 1. Create Report 2. Enter each report field's data type into the field's Tag Property 3. Save report's information using the frmMaintainReports form 4. Select the report from the

Scheduling System

This is a system called Online Scheduling System made as one of the requirements in school.. uses Sessions for logging in and out [user authentication]. Has Add, View, Edit, delete information related to scheduling such as room, subjects, course, teacher.. etc.. Has a functionality to add, view and delete schedules.

Advantages of Linux Server Hosting and Windows Server Hosting

When you have to decide what kind of web hosting to choose, usually one of the first steps is to decide if you will go for Linux server hosting or for Windows server hosting. There isn't a universal prescription if Linux server hosting or Windows server hosting is the best web host, no matter if it is for a dedicated server or for a shared hosting because both Linux server hosting and Windows