Command Line Argument Addition Solver Version 1.0

I wrote this code to help a student in his project in school he reach me through the Internet. I find the problem challenging and I want to expand my knowledge in Java programming. Well about the code this program is a command line argument addition solver it will add the values given by the user via parameters. One of the strength of this code is that it can accept indefinite number of input

Voting System

A replacement for pen and white board for voting system. You may use this little program to cast your vote for the nominated member in your association. Usage: 1. Enter nominee or candidate in Nominate form.2. Open Couting form to vote for your candidate - highlight the name of the candidate and click the increase button to increase the vote for a selected candidate. Otherwise click the decrease

Quiz B Game

This is a game develop for students contest - Quiz B. The first round is to guest the picture after showing an image for 6 seconds. Only 3 winners will compete in the second round. There would be a tie breaker if ever. In the second round the contestant will choose a color. Only 3 colors are allowed since there are only 3 contestants. Each contestant will step through the pyramid until it reaches

Infants Info System

Infants Information System is one of my project written in VB.NET which support the documentation for thesis writing. The aim of the project is to record the live birth on an infants. Yet simply but will help programmer who want to learn VB.NET by understanding simple concept in database programming. This is not intended for advance programmer. Since this is made for students the target audience

Academic Records System

Very advanced database application that highly exploits VB capabilities. Written especially for you guys and gals who want create a full running database system. In other hand, it contains many useful programming tricks, utilities, and goodies (cool usercontrols, system and registry manipulation, advanced file operations...) that you can freely implement in your project. It doesn't contain any

Payroll System

A payroll system that supports multiple companies. The database is created for each company. This is not intended for large businesses. My client did not ask for more features so the basic functions are: employees information, password protection, create voucher, payroll summary, and an employee's list report. At least you will learn on how to create a simple payroll system using this source code

Multi-column combobox in datagrid

Here's another version of lynxgrid that I have developed. But by this time I have added a multi-column combobox. The primary purpose of this code is to learn how to integrate combobox and other control like datepicker, checkbox, etc. in lynxgrid. You will also learn in different way on how to save using a master/detail form. How to delete record in table which was deleted in lynxgrid control. Note

Service Record

This is one of my source code written in VB .NET 2003 before and upgraded this to version 2008. It has a few features but most of the time you cannot find this in other application. Basic features: Autosize cell and autowrap Parent/child or master/detail form Password manager Account information username: admin password: admin database password: jay