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In this tutorial I will discuss to you on how you can access the database easily. I came across this idea because this is also my problem when I started working with database programming.
I hope that in one way or another I can help you in your journey to the world of programming. Programming is fun and easy if you just simply devout your time with it. I cannot stress enough how easy programming is if you only read an online tutorial like this.

Take It Easy

Just don’t be rush in learning programming. Take it easy and study everyday. Don’t start right away thinking that you can create a system like payroll, accounting, hotel reservation, point of sale without even having a single knowledge about database programming.

Learning by Doing

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Learning by doing is the next thing. You need to practice what you learn. In this tutorial I encourage you to take the sample code into practice.
I will list below the content that I am going to discuss. This is a series of tutorial so be sure to visit the site regularly or subscribe to my Feeds at the right side bar.
I will arrange the topic according to their importance, that is, what to do first before you jump ahead to the next topic. Along the way, I will add a topic before or after other topic or whatever that will come to my mind that I know a must have tutorial.
Table of Contents

  1. Making Database Connection
  2. How to Retrieve Data
    1. Using Data Reader
    2. Using Datasets and Data Adapters
  3. How to Modify Data
    1. Using ExecuteNonQuery
    2. Using Datasets and Data Adapters
  4. Windows Forms
    1. How to Retrieve and Save Data using TextBox Control
      1. Using Data Readers and ExecuteNonQuery
      2. Using Datasets and Data Adapters
    2. ComboBox Control
    3. ListView Control
    4. DataGridView Control
    5. CheckBox Control
    6. TreeView Control
  5. How to Print Using Crystal Reports

If you’d like to suggest a topic, don’t hesitate to write a comment below.


for my course, office administration.

hi. kuya?

Can you help us how to browse and upload a picture?


programming is just like a game.Once you are used to it,it will be very difficult for you to deviate from it

How can I develop myself perfectly in programming!

i need a program in vb 6.0 with database using ms access... i want to create a program about hotel booking system..can u give me a source code for it?..pls..
help me pls.

..can anyone help me in constructing a payroll database system using ms access??..


sir plzzzzzzzzzz help me for my system cashering system mmmmm thankzz...

can u pleas help me make a data flow diagram and erd for my thesis? i'ts entitled inventory and monitoring system...thanks

Hello sir.
Thanks to your good and useful programs.
I need your help.
Please source or if you have a project or program
Who can help me do a project to build the language Visual Basic 6 projects for myself that I could just do serial code
Find and install software serial code is needed.

i am supposed to do a pre fianl year project in computer graphics....
i m a newbie n i dnt knw anythng abt opengl..
i request to help me with tis....
my project topic is balancing the ball on seesaw....
plzzz do help me.....its a humble request


i need a project for billing system which can display the output in PDF format
and when i click any items it should be come form database

I started a small freight, logistics business about a year ago doing everything from local home deliveries to driving clear across the country. Iv grown so fast I cant keep up with pen and paper anymore. We are so unorganized that some invoices aren't even getting billed. Unfortunately, I dont have any time to school myself amongst the chaos, and my cash flow is so screwed up I seem to never have money to pay someone for me. Anyways, I need a inventory/ warehousing/ management program. Then some how relay that info to my web page I had someone build for me. I need order if im to succeed! Im at your mercy, plz help me before I explode. Thank you email is.........[email protected]

i like his articles, , good job bro :) thanks

pls can some body tell me how to covert image to binary and save to sql server 2005 using window form

Dear Sir i wanna to create a system in java that support voice password system , plz give me some code


use microsoftreportviewer :)

I am a student of computer science in indonesia, i hope your articel can help me to understand about DB programming wwith vb

Hi there I need a system similar to the one found on It just doesn't fulfil my full requirements. I have a very basic knowledge of visual basic and i could probably add to the program myself but its setting it up like the software on that website i would strugle with.

If anyone can help i can be reached at [email protected]

Kind Regards


can you help me how to make barangay system???

call me @ 09267249206

hello everyone.. i am a 1st yr student and i have a problem with regards to inserting a record OR ADDING A NEW USER to an MS Access database... i am using please help me guys... thank you.. my codes are as simple as this:


dim Command as new OledbCommand(" insert into LogIn (Id,UserName, Password) Values ('" & txt.Id.text & "', '" & txtUserName.text & "', '" & txtPassword.text & "')", con)
msgBox("Successfully Add New Record")

End Sub

----> this one is not actually working

how to make data base connection with access to

i just want to ask about captcha for our thesis, is it possible to include the function keys in captcha? i hope you could answer me as soon as possible

I want to just thank you for your tutorial.

It's almost unbelievable you find the time to write such an extensive tutorial and manage to answer all the "dear sir, please can you help me" posters here.

I am re-entering the world of programming. It's almost 15 years ago and a lot has changed (for the better) since then.

I am sure your database tutorial will prove to be very helpfull indeed.

Again, thanks.



Hi again,

As I was browsing your tutorial I found out that the "Listview Control" hyperlink is pointing to the wrong page.



Thank you very much for reporting this error. We are now looking for the correct path to this tutorial.

Hi Sir,

Im a real newbie (a kid ) and have very low knowledge of this subject , But I really need to learn this because this is what i like, I hope you will help me please

Thank you

[email protected]

9c article admin can i get code for backup data which are lost in database


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