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How to Modify Data

This tutorial is part of Database Programming Made Easy Series. Before, I'm even wondering how to modify data in Visual Basic .NET especially if you used to work with Visual Basic 6.0. Although, there are slight difference with the two versions but I found .NET more interesting compare to VB 6.0.


In VB 6.0 when you use the execute command the equivalent of it in .NET is the ExecuteNonQuery Command. Same with ADODC the equivalent is Dataset. Sometimes we want to play it programmatically. Still in .NET you can modify data programmatically using Dataset. In this tutorial I will explain first on how to modify data using ExecuteNonQuery. When using ExecuteNonQuery to modify data you execute it using a Command. Previous: How to Retrieve Data Using Datasets and Data Adapters Next: How to Modify Data Using ExecuteNonQuery


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