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How to Display Data in Windows Forms

In order to display data in windows forms all you need to do is drag Items from the Data Sources. For more information, see How to Add New Data Source.

Before you drag the Items (i.e. table name) make sure that you select the display type and type of control that you’d like to appear in the Windows Forms.

To do this expand the Item name and the arrow down to select the display type and type of control which you would like to appear.

Display type

How to Add New Data Source

One of the coolest features of Visual Studio .NET is the ability to bind a database into Windows Forms easily using DataSet. Since VB 6.0, I’m waiting for this kind of feature to be implemented in VB.NET. I am used with MS Access before and seem that VB.NET and MS Access has no difference when it comes to DataBinding.

There are many ways to bind your data. You can use the old fashion which is hard-coding, but this is out the scope of this tutorial. Why use hard-coding if you can do it easily using drag and drop operation?

Database Programming Made Easy

In this tutorial I will discuss to you on how you can access the database easily. I came across this idea because this is also my problem when I started working with database programming.

I hope that in one way or another I can help you in your journey to the world of programming. Programming is fun and easy if you just simply devout your time with it. I cannot stress enough how easy programming is if you only read an online tutorial like this.