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SQLite Database

Simple Cashiering System (POS) in PHP and SQLite Source Code Free Download

Introduction This is a Simple Cashiering System in PHP. This simple project is a web-based application that can help businesses to manage their day-to-day transactions. This can help to ease the work of the management or cashier of the business to do transactions with their clients. It also helps to store the transaction details and retrieve the transaction records without hassle. About the Simple

Contact Us Script Using sqlite

Sqlite is a relational database management system contained in a small C programming library. Sqlite is a popular embedded database system that stores records in a little file on the system source code. Data can be retrieved through the use of write and read ability of sqlite. Moreover, Instead of saving the record into a RDMS tool like “phpmyadmin”, Sqlite can be used instead as it will save the record into a separate file on the host machine. To create a contact us page on our website using sqlite.