SQL Server 2008

Hotel Room Reservation System using VB.NET with Source Code

This is a Hotel Room Reservation System project that was developed using VB.NET. This system helps a certain Hotel to manage their Guest's Reservation and Check-In/Out transactions. This system may help new programmers to develop their skills in VB.NET and SQL Database. The system has a pleasant user-interface and user-friendly functionalities. How it Works First, the system user must populate

Detecting and Deleting Duplicate Records in SQL Server 2005 and Above

Most of the time, we encounter duplicate records in our database. And it's not easy to delete it if you don't have enough knowledge about SQL Statement. This code will help you detect and delete duplicate records in SQL Server 2005 and above. (These commands only works on sql server 2005 or higher) Create table create table example(id int identity(1,1),name varchar(20),class varchar(20)); (Here

Library System in VB.NET 2008 Update

I have update on my previous post called “ Library System in Visual Basic .NET 2008 and SQL Server 2008”. In my to do list, I mentioned the following: Use accession # to borrow and return book. Auto generate ID. Sample reports like Borrowed Books, Returned Books, Fine, Members Report, and a lot more. Currently only the first list is being updated and that is on how to use Accession # to Borrow and