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Salam to all:
I creat this application in VB.NET 2008 using SQL server 2008. By this application you can learn SQL Connection and (Add, Delete, Update , Search etc) commnds.

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very useful for both students and others

Kennedy Oyoo

Sorry my friends.... Its been long time that i came back to this site again with new ideas and new programming techniques. If u people have any problem with my programming u can contact me at ([email protected]om , [email protected] , Skype mark.mai50 or Mobile, +447425251586)
Thanx all my dear friends.

hi dear
iam happy to join this site and than u every u done.
after that iam interesting to help me creating searching botton in vb.net 2008 and sql 2000 by searching id if exists.

this is problem code

Dim sqlconection As New SqlConnection("Data Source=123-pc;Initial Catalog=glorious;User ID=sa")
Dim sqlcommand As New SqlCommand
Dim objDataAdapter As New SqlDataAdapter( _
"SELECT * From store where store_id=txt1.text", sqlconection)

try the hasrows function..

Dim cn as new sqlconnection("connectionstring")
dim cmd as sqlcommand
dim dr as sqldatareader

cmd = new sqlcommand("select * from store where store_id = txt1.text ", cn)
dr = cmd.executereader

if dr.hasrows then
'if the id is existing
msgbox "ID already Exist!"
'go insert here
end if

Cedrick R. Blas

[email protected]

I have a doubt . How to attach the database name ?
u mean to create database name?

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