Simple CRUD with Report using VB.NET, SQL Server, and Crystal Reports Free Source Code

This is a VB.NET Program that has a CRUD Operation that stands for Create, Read, Update, and Delete functionalities. The application is a software-based program that uses MS SQL Server Database. In this CRUD Program, the application stores a list of products details which are the product id, name, category, rate, and quantity. Using this simple project, you will learn how to handle the mentioned

After Sales Service Manager

Hello friends, happy New Year to you all. I am posting this project to this platform To express my deep appreciation to the management of Sourcecodester, Raj Shama whose Insightful programming ideas have as well been of great and invaluable help to me in my programming adventure and to all of the members of the forum who share there ideas. I thank you all. The project is written in vb.net 2010 as

Temporary Tables Magic Table and Injection in SQL

Tempopary tables Tempopary tables are created at runtimes and ability to perform all the operation like the normal table. These tables have limited scope. This table is stored in tempdb. There are two types of temporary table: Local Temporary table: This table is available only for the current connection. It is automatic deleted once disconnects from instance. This table is createdby putting

POS Transaction Report Processor

Hello to you all, you can try this application and learn from it. It is my practice project and thanks to sourcecodester for the oppotunity, because i have learnt a lot from this site and i want others to learn from it too that is why i posted the application to this site. I used vb 2010 for the front and sql2008 for the back end. you can also use sql2008 express with advanced features for

Facade Design Pattern with C#.NET and SQL Server

Most of software companies are making high cost software for their clients around the world so software development should become profitable business to development companies. Standard development process, well define cording style always helpful to achieve their business goals. As my experience lot of software has some portion of common occurring problems. Developing same component for each client will be reducing profit of software companies. To overcome above issues now a day’s software companies used reusable component.

Some SQL Query Optimization Technique

Modern day software application has millions of concurrent users. Development of efficiently serviceable application needs huge amount of effort, usage of lot of tools and techniques. Software developers always try to improve performance of the application by improving design, cording and database development. When we consider database development query optimization and evaluation techniques are