School Admission System

Free school management software

Gosfem is the only free and open-source school software that solves real problems encountered by educators every day. Being free, open-source, and flexible, Gosfem can morph to meet the needs of a huge range of schools. Gosfem was founded in March 2020 in response to a lack of powerful, usable, and open-source school platforms. Right from the beginning, Gosfem was designed to be flexible

Simple College Management System using C# with Source Code

The idea of developing the “College Management System” project has come to our mind when we go to the College of computer education where we see that the data is handled manually in the form of files. This is an attempt to create a project “College Management System” through which will show all the working of College will be automated. It can be used both in top-level and bottom-level management

Media and Journalism Student Registration System ( & MS Access Database) with Source Code

Project Name In order to successfully complete this assignment, a number of objectives firstly need to be defined: This project is a full Students Registration Systems for MEDIA Students of TIHE ( and this is my main project for this course. This project was developed and coding using and MS Access Database Objectives of this Project In order to successfully complete this