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Get and Display List of Available Printers using C#

Today in C#, i will going to teach you how to create a program that gets and displays the list of available printers. Now, let's start this tutorial! 1. Let's start with creating a Windows Form Application in C# for this tutorial by following the following steps in Microsoft Visual Studio: Go to File, click New Project, and choose Windows Application and name your project as Get Printers. 2.

How to Print the Text in a Textbox

This time, I’m going to teach you how to print the text in a Textbox in Visual Basic 2008. This will allow you to preview and print any message that you type in a TextBox. It depends on you, on how long your message will because it will automatically set on the next page. So, lets get started : Open Visual Basic 2008, create a new Window Application and do the Form just like this.