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PHP project source code

Banking System using PHP Free Source Code

This is a Simple Banking System Project that I'd developed in PHP. The project manages the bank's clients' accounts and handles the basic transactions of the clients. The system has 2 types of users which are the Admin and Clients. The system allows the client to save the records of their Deposits, Withdraws, and Fund Transfers. About the Banking System This Simple Banking System web-based project

Baby Care System in PHP/MySQLi with Full Source Code

Baby Care System in PHP/MySQLi with Full Source Code The Baby Care System is a web based system that is made up of PHP, JavaScript, CSS and MySQL for the database. This Baby Care System in PHP/MySQLi is designed as very simple and user friendly, that anyone who uses it won’t find any difficulty in understanding it. This is an interesting system that surely parents would love to try it out. About

Courier Management System using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

Project: Courier Management System using PHP/MySQLi About The Courier Management System is a simple PHP/MySQLi project that helps a courier company or businesses manage their customers' parcels or packages details. The system stores all the branches or the company that can be also used when setting a destination where the recipient will pick up their packages or parcels. The system has a tracking

Student Attendance Monitoring System using Barcode in PHP Free Source Code

If you are looking for Student Attendance Monitoring System with Barcode using PHP then you are at the right place. This is a full source code. It has a three-side to logging on the admin side to view and manage the data and the teacher side to check the attendance of the students, Students side entering their Barcode Number given by their teachers to have their attendance and it will see a record on the teacher side.