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Online Learning System V2 using PHP Free Source Code

Introduction This is an Online Learning System Project in PHP. This project is version 2 of the Simple eLearning System that I created and posted here months ago. The changes of this version focus on lesson modules for both Faculty and Student users. The updates include some user interface changes mostly the colors. Here's the link for Version 1

Free Final Year Projects for Computer Science and IT Students 2020-2021

Final Year Projects for Computer Science or IT Students This article list some projects that can be used for Final Year Projects for IT (Information Technology) and Computer Science students. The projects are developed or written using PHP, Visual Basic .NET, C#, and Python. These projects will help you to enhance or your knowledge and skills in developing software-based, web-based, or online

eChat : Chat System Application using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

The eChat is a Simple Chat System App that is developed using PHP/MySQLi. Like the popular chat applications, this simple application was mainly built as a medium of communication. The chat conversation is listed publicly which means the mini-project does not support private or direct messages to other users. The conversion panel automatically refreshed after 5 seconds so no need to reload the

Simple Attendance Record System using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

The Simple Attendance Record System was build using PHP, Javascript / MySQLi. This system is capable of recording the attendance of every student, it uses an AJAX script to make the system more interactive. This application is a user-friendly kind of system, feel free to modify it. About The Simple Attendance Record System will help you learn how to use PHP CRUD functions with Ajax. The system has

OOP PHP CRUD Operation Using MySQLi - Part 1

In this tutorial, we will tackle about Object Oriented Programming PHP CRUD using MySQLi as a database server. Object Oriented Programming is an organize structured that consist of different functions inside a class. It is mostly used by an advanced programmer because for them this is some what a new challenge for their programming carreer.

OOP PHP Registration and Login - Part 2

In this tutorial we will create a simple login form in an Object Oriented Programming(OOP). In my last tutorial I created a registration form operated by using PHP functions, but this time we will continue on for what we left behind. Before we proceed make sure you have read my previous tutorial OOP PHP Registration and Login - Part 1, because I will still using that, and I will add some new stuff to make this simple program complete.

Creating a Simple Registration Using MySQLi Prepared Statement

In this tutorial, we will create a simple registration form using MySQLi prepared statement. it is an advanced and secured kind of script to prevent MySQL injection threat. Due to depreciated of MySQL most of the website are required to use MySQL / PDO statement. Now be prepared, let's start coding 1. We open the database server, then type localhost/phpmyadmin 2. Then name the database "sample" 3.