Simple Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) using PHP and SQLite Free Source Code

This is a Simple PHP Project entitled Simple Onlne Public Access Catalog (OPAC). This is a web-based application that manages a certain school or university's library database of the materials or books in the library. The application provides the student or faculties an online platform where they can browse or search the book they are needed. This has a simple user interface/design using the

Online Library System in PHP/MySQLi with Full Source Code

Online Library System in PHP/MySQL with Full Source Code This Library system is a web based system that is built to properly manage all operations inside the library. It is developed using PHP, CSS, BootStrap and MySQLi for the database. This Online Library System in PHP can be used by a user (student) and an admin (librarian). The features of this system are not that complicated even a newbie can