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MS SQL Server

Cindy Restaurant System in C# and MS SQL Server with Source Code

Cindy Restaurant is a super-advanced point-of-sale system, this desktop restaurant application has a wide range of features that makes restaurant operations very easy and enjoyable This is developed with C# as the front end and MSSQL server 2012 as the back end. Let's walk through some features this app possesses: Registration: the app contains several registration forms that help to identify some

Simple Gallery Studio in C# with Source Code

This is a simple app requested by a friend of mine and I wish to share it with the public. This app was built using on visual studio 2013 as the front end and the MSSQL server as the back end. The program/app is called Gallery Studio. The program allows users to easily upload any image type and later view them as a photo album as well as delete them. I have used MS SQL Server to store the

Simple College Management System using C# with Source Code

The idea of developing the “College Management System” project has come to our mind when we go to the College of computer education where we see that the data is handled manually in the form of files. This is an attempt to create a project “College Management System” through which will show all the working of College will be automated. It can be used both in top-level and bottom-level management

Salary Management System using VB.NET and MS SQL Server with Source Code

Introduction: This project is based on the concept of the account. This project is a Salary Management System which is a Database system that can be used for managing employee Salary Details. It is a multi-user system and can be used by hundreds of users at the same time. Generally speaking, it is a platform available for running on a local area network(LAN). This project was built using VB.NET

Human Resource Management System with Source Code

This Human Resource Management System (HRMS) can be used to manage a certain company's employees' records. It is created using C#.NET & MS SQL Server. Coding Stand is 3 Tier Architecture. This system store the company's employees' details and other relevant information such as the employees leave details. The system also manages the daily attendance of the employees. This HRMS generates reports

Hospital Management System in C# with Full Source Code

Hospital Management System in C# with Full Source Code The Hospital Management System is an automated system that is developed using C# and SQL Server. The main purpose of this Hospital Management System is to help hospital staff in managing the patient details, staff details and medical records. This is a user friendly system that anyone who uses it won’t find any difficulty in dealing with it


H.K.M.S SUPREME TYRES --------------------- Goals: --------- * Brand Master * Size Master * User Master * Customer Master * Purchase Form * Order Form * Bill Form Software is as follows: ------------------------------ * Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 * Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 * Crystal Reports 2011 * MS Office 2007 If you want some another help, Join me on (

Ticketing Management System using VB.NET with Source Code

This is a project entitled Ticketing Management System written in and SQL Server Management Studio R2 2008 database for Small Port of Surigao City. This project store the port's passengers' details and generates a printable ticket after the payment. In order to create a new transaction, the system admin must configure the passengers' fee according to their classification. Also, the admin

Advance Login Form using C# and SQL

Advance login form in C#.NET 2010 and SQL 2008. This tutorial for you to learn how to make an advance login in C#.NET. It is for beginners only. In this tutorial: New user registration Forget password Change user info Change password And removing the user. I hope this tutorial is very helpfull to beginners. So download it, learn and enjoy programming. If you want some another help, then join me on