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Facebook FBT: PHP Internationalization Framework

FBT is an internationalization framework for PHP designed to be not just powerful and flexible, but also simple and intuitive. It helps with the following: Organizing your source text for translation Composing grammatically correct translatable UI Eliminating verbose boilerplate for generating UI This library is based on the JavaScript implementation of Facebook's FBT. Requirements PHP 7.0 or

Simple Laravel 5.6 CRUD System

Hello guys. I made this program while practicing how to work with php laravel. For this project to work in your machine, you need php =>7.0 Mysqli It is just a simple project How it works Edit or make your .env file Make run migrations Run the servr Enter your generated url and add posts to it, example To create edit or delete a post, you need an account, create an account if need

Angular 6 Starter with Laravel 5.6 API Service

Angular 6 and Laravel 5.6 This project is a starter for creating interface with Angular using bootstrap && css && sass and using Laravel 5.6 for api requests. Demo Installation This project is divided in two parts (projects) and before use them you should follow the instructions below: Angular Project Interface Local Environment > git clone > cd

Top 5 PHP Frameworks For Web Developers

PHP, which now stands for Hypertext Preprocessor from Personal Home Page, is undeniably one of the most prominent and highly-utilized programming languages. Thus, lots of PHP frameworks have been created to help developers come up with excellent web applications that are highly-secured. When you will search for PHP frameworks, a long list will be given to you and it might take up a lot of your time in figuring out which might be working really well and has the best features.

LaraBlogger - Laravel Blogging, CMS abd CRUD Generator

LaraBlogger is a Blogging CMS Template with CRUD generator Build in Laravel 5.5 Framework, With LaraBlogger you can build a new blog easly, or you can integrate to an existing webiste with ease. Features. Fully Responsive. CRUD Functionality Admin Panel Build in Voyager. Built with Laravel Framework, PHP/MySQL & HTML5/CSS3. Post Management. Modern and User friendly UI, SEO (Search Engine Optimized