IT/CS Capstone Ideas

Best Student Result Management System Project source code in PHP and MySQL Free Download

The school result management system is a project that is designed to help admin and their students to track their academic results. This system can be used by schools as a tool for managing student results and generating reports. It can also be used by parents to monitor the progress of their children at school. The main goal of this project is to create an online platform that will allow students

Zoo Management System source code in PHP with MySQL Database

The Zoo Management System Source Code in PHP is a web-based application Project developed in PHP and MySQL databases. This project provides an online platform for the Zoo Management to manage their daily record. This project managed to explore information about zoos and browsing the system's public site. The Zoo Management System Project has beautiful interfaces using the Bootstrap framework

COVID 19 Testing Management System (CTMS) in PHP Free Source Code

This is a PHP is entitled COVID 19 Testing Management System (CTMS). This web-based application provides an online platform for individuals and Covid Testing Management to manage the persons' test process and result. The application contains 3 modules which are the Administrator Side, Users/Patients/Individuals-Side, and the Public Side. This web application software is easy to manage/use and has

Blood Bank Management System using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

This is a Blood Bank Management System. This web-based application software is an online platform for managing blood donations. This was developed by the student of CHMSC-Talisay as their Final Year Project for Negros First Provincial Blood Bank Center. This was developed using PHP and MySQL Database. The project can be managed by multiple users which are the Management (Administrator, MedTech

Bakery Inventory System Using C# and MS Access DB Free Source Code

Introduction The Bakery Inventory System is an automated system that is ideal if you have a small bakery business. We all know that keeping track of inventory can be seriously overwhelming during rush hours, but with the use of this system you will be able to manage your bakery inventory with efficiency and you are ensured that your products will always be well-stocked. About The Bakery Inventory

Tailor Management System in PHP/MySQL Free Source Code

This is a Tailor Management System software in PHP/MySQLThis tailor software can Manage to book, worker wages, suppliers, and customers, and measure styles and payment history using a web application. The source code is very useful for a tailoring business. This helps to record their day-to-day transactions, expenses, and income. This project was created in PHP, MySQL Database, Javascript (jQuery

Complete Automated Voting System Using PHP Free Source Code

This is a complete Automated Voting System using PHP. This system can be used both online and offline basis the system is pack with many features. The main purpose of this project is to provide the school an automated or online platform to conduct their election or voting system. This will help to easily calculate the candidates' votes and easy to retrieve the list of winners in each position

Event Registration System with QR Code in PHP Free Source Code

Introduction This is a PHP Project is entitled Event Registration System with QR Code. This project manages the attendance/registration records of attendees or guests/listeners of an event. The system uses a QR Code (Quick Response Code) in checking the attendance of the attendee. This system is web-based software. About the Event Registration System with QR Code This project was developed using

eCommerce - Online Book Store in PHP with PayPal Free Source Code

Introduction This is an ECommerce Website in PHP project for Book Stores that I called Online Book Store. This project provides the book store's client or possible client to have an online platform for exploring and order the different kinds of books that the store/shop is selling. The system has also an Admin Panel where the store management can manage the products, orders, and other data in the

Online Course Registration in PHP Free Source Code

Online Course Registration System with Source Code is a PHP project that can enroll students in any course in a convenient way. The system is easier to use, the student is required to log in first before they can enroll. The student must provide their pin# to proceed in the selection of courses. They can also print out their registration details after finishing the enrollment process. About The