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Safelock 0.5

Simple drag & drop file encryption tool. based on python and uses PyCrypto to encrypt the inputted files with AES encryption. Then sqlite database file is generated with a unique key to store the encrypted files and folders in binary blobs for later decryption. More info and binaries

File Hider Behind Image

This software, as it states, hide file behind images. This technique was used recently many times and in command line format. It is impossible for users to remember commands. So GUI format is provided. This software also allows you answer: How to hide files behind images. Only Source code is provided. You must compile it in visual studio to get binaries. Don't mind I am just following

Very Basic Java Fighting Game

Sharing you the source code of this simple fighting game created in java[eclipse]. You will learn character animation, basic interaction and some AI implementation. If you have some questions just spam me at mark[dot]cabalar[at]yahoo[dot]com. Visit Part 1 and Part 2 for some additional information. Live Demo: Visit my blog: Happy coding!!!

Simple Python Gui Game

A simple python GUI game Softwares: • Install Python 2.3.5, • Install Pygame 1.6 & • LiveWires 2.0 Installations: Unzip the python game folder into local (C:) /python23/ Click on the python icon named game file to start playing. Its easy to play the game check the installations and user manual on the zip file for help. You may also leave a comment for help.

Network Programming in Java - #9 - Chat System #4 - Client Disconnect Listener

Introduction: This tutorial is the ninth in my Java Network Programming using KryoNet series, or fourth in creating a chat client and server system, in which we are going to be handling disconnected clients. Previous: In the previous tutorial we created a way to receive and send messages through a new Packet2Message class to and from our server/client. The System: We are going to give the user a GUI to interact with the system - to send messages and see the currently connected members of the chat. When a client connects, add them to a list.

Multi-Threaded Applications in Visual Basic

Introduction: This tutorial is on how to create a multi-threaded application in Visual Basic. Design: There really is no design needed for this application, although if you wanted to, you can add a button. What Is a Thread? A thread is the part of your .NET program which runs everything else, your UI, your functions and your classes. Without a thread, your program would not be able to run. Why Multiple Threads? Once a thread has a lot of processing to do, problems begin to arrise.

Creating a Management Solution in Visual Basic #4 Filtering Records #3 Modify GUI For Previous Record Altering

Introduction: This tutorial is going to be on how to create a record management solution in Visual Basic. This Tutorial: Since this is a multi-part tutorial series, this tutorial is going to be on creating the third and final part of the filter records GUI, the modify GUI. Design: First add a new Windows Form to your project by going to Project > Add New Windows Form > Windows Form > Filter Modify GUI > OK. Then give it the following design, it's very similar to the add record GUI... Textbox, textbox1, information will be entere

Creating a Simple GUI in Python

Introduction: This tutorial is going to be on how to create a GUI in Python using Tkinter. Tkinter: Tkinter is a basic package to give your projects a simple GUI with the essential GUI elements such as textboxes, checkboxes, buttons and more. Our Program: Our program is going to be a simple program where the user enters text in to a textbox, then clicks a button to get it output to the console.

Computerized Payroll System VB6

Computerized Payroll System (Deprecated) Requirements: Visual Basic 6.0 Main Features: User-friendly System DTR (Time-in / Time-out) with History Add, Edit and Deactivate Employee Records Search Records (onChange event) Change Password, Modify Taxes/Deductions (can set taxes for specific employee) and View Employee Accounts Print Individual/All or Batch Search Payslip and many features