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Web-based GUI PostgreSQL Studio released

Web-access to PostgreSQL databases will now be made possible via a web-based GUI, designed to help users interact with their databases in the cloud, without having to be overly familiar with the mechanics of psql. Jim Miodgenski, creator of the new GUI, notes that in order to move things forward, he decided to start from scratch. Using Java, the language he feels most comfortable with, he implemented the Google Web Toolkit, noting that though there are some excellent UIs available, offering good web-based GUI for PostgreSQL, none of them are open-source, which is very important for the project’s success. This development will help users bypass pgAdmin, so far the most popular GUI option available, which did however require either opening firewalls or implementing a VPN in order to offer secure database connections. “Experienced PostgreSQL users happily ssh into the instance and bring up psql, but there are a ton of new users to PostgreSQL who still aren’t comfortable with psql and want a GUI”, Miodgenski notes on the Open Source Consulting Group blog, explaining his approach. PostgreSQL Studio’s web-based console can help users securely achieve PostgreSQL database development on supported PostgreSQL versions 9.2.x and 9.3.x, Postgres-XC 1.0.x and Postgres-XC 1.1.x, and vFabric Postgres 9.2.4. A schema browser is available, through which database objects for active connections are depicted, while features of database objects are shown and manipulated through the console’s detail browser, which offers object specific functions, like creating indexes and granting security. Individual SQL statements can be entered and processed on an SQL worksheet, while PostgreSQL statement processes are outlined in detail via the SQL execution plan provided for executed statements. Object wizards used to create database objects as well as wizards for tables, indexes, constraints, views, triggers and sequences, will ensure ease of use for users not familiar with PostgreSQL syntax.

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