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RetailStar Lite Point of Sale Software Using C#, SQLite/PostgreSQL

Easy to Install & intuitive user interface Works right out of the box with minimal configuration Quick Sale Mode, Sell to Existing Customer or Add New Customer on the Fly. Cash Drawer Management: Know the exact amount that should be in the Cash drawer at any Time! Use any Standard Barcode Scanner. Staff Management and access control levels Product Management Extensive Inventory Management and

Dashboard System Admin, MVC and API Framework with PHP Postgres-SQL and jQuery

Dashboard Admin Permission => create user and add permissions of routes. Create controller,model,view from terminal. User with a specific role User can modify the the personal data and password User can add single or multiple movies from IMDB User can add single or multiple books from google Super user can change role delete or insert role, can add permissions or delete them, This project support

PostgreSQL Released Security Updates Against High-Risk Vulnerability

Major updates were released by the PostgreSQL Global Development Group to its developers in order to address several vulnerabilities, including a high-risk one that could allow attackers to crash the server, modify configurations variable as superuser or execute arbitrary code if certain conditions are met. The popular open-source database system, PostgreSQL, released the update on Thursday, April 4, 2013 (US Time). The PostgreSQL Global Development Group was quoted as saying that "This update fixes a high-exposure security vulnerability in versions 9.0 and later." they stated.

PostgreSQL 9.2 Released with Improved Scalability and Developer Flexibility

The free and open source software, PostgreSQL project has announced the latest release of PostgreSQL 9.2 with improved scalability and developer flexibility. PostgreSQL Global Development Group has made the announcement of the latest updates of PostgreSQL through the official PostgreSQL website. The Lead Data Engineer at Engine Yar, Ines Sombra was quoted as saying that "PostgreSQL 9.2 will ship with native JSON support, covering indexes, replication and performance improvements, and many more features.” Some of the mos