GD Library

Creating an Image from Text with PHP and GD Library

In this tutorial, we will tackle about Generating an Image from String or Text using PHP and GD Library. This tutorial aims to provide the students and new in PHP programming language with a reference for learning that focuses on manipulating images using the said library and programming language. Here, I will explain the usage of the useful functions that will be use in a sample web application script that consist of converting the provided text into an image.

Adding Watermark to an Image in PHP using GD Library Tutorial


In this tutorial, I will teach you how to Add a Watermark to an Image in PHP. Here, you can learn how to manage or edit images using the PHP GD Library. The tutorial aims to provide students and those new to PHP Language a reference for using GD Library to learn. I will be providing some snippets on how to achieve our goal for this tutorial. Also, I will be giving a sample source code that adds watermarks to uploaded images.

Optimizing the Uploaded Image in PHP Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will show you a way how to upload images in PHP with reduced quality and resized resolution. This kind of feature might be helpful to your current or future project that uploads and displays lots of images. It will help your project load the pages faster even there are a lot of images are being shown because instead of displaying the original size and quality of the images is optimized. For example, you are developing a Blog Site and each blog or article has a thumbnail or banner image.

Resizing the Uploaded Image in PHP using GD extension Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to resize the image file before saving it into a directory using PHP and GD Library. This process is really useful when you are developing a web application using PHP Language which has some features that include uploading Image files such as system users avatar, image/gallery thumbnails, and etc.

PHP GD extension/library offers Graphics Drawing toos to manage image data such as cropping, compressing, filtering, and etc.

Watermarking Images using PHP with Source Code

Seeing one’s work altered without permission can be frustrating as discovering your work on blogs that are void of any credit. The first response for most photographers is to watermark their images, ensuring that their logo or website graces every image that hits the internet. This Web Application that I am posting is built to create a watermark on an image. The source code that I will share will