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Facebook Newsfeed

Facebook News Feed Like using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

Project: Facebook News Feed Like using PHP/MySQLi About The Facebook News Feed Like is a PHP/MySQLi project that shows how to create a social networking news feed like Facebook. This system focuses only on the news feed of Facebook or the commonly called Facebook posts. The system also has a registration for the user account like Facebook but only stores limited information for this project. The

Facebook Update: New 'Ranking Signal' In Feed

Facebook is undeniably a social media giant after billions of people are using it. There are even people who fully rely to it when it comes to communication for as long you have a free data, you can enjoy its Messenger application.

Other FB users have treated the social media as their diaries. It is where they take note of the important events in their lives may it be through a post containing short or long sentiments or just a picture of the event. They have preferred it compared to writing down as their phones are always within reach.