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Cafe Point of Sale in C# Free Source Code

This is a Point of Sale System Project for a Cafe. It is a software-based application that helps to manage the sale transaction of Cafe businesses. The application calculates the total amount to pay the customer and prints a simple receipt after payment succeeds. About the Cafe Point of Sale System This project was developed using C# and MS SQL SERVER for the Database. The project requires the

Simple CRM Call Logs (WPF, C#, MVVM, Databinding, Code First Entity Framework)

This a running WPF app... To run the program... Step 0: install EntityFramework in the nuget package manager Step 1: * Delete all the migration files (e.g 201809271109154_InitialDatabase.cs) under the Migrations Folder that is also under the CRM.DataAccess Library Project Step 2: * Change the [Data Source] value of the connection string in to name of your local server instance in SQL Server in the

Login Form

This is a simple login form. I have created a database with 6 columns (usernameID, username, password, name, surname, email),and then created Entity data model from that database (ADO.NET). It also has a register form where you can insert new users into database and a datagrid view on starting form (login) and on the content form, where you can see what is in the database. I have entered 3 users