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Employees Information System

Payroll System Using C# And MySQL Database with Source Code

This Payroll System Project is a software-based system that is designed in a flat-based desktop application. This system can handle tasks such as managing the employees’ information and their corresponding payroll every week and month. This is a user-friendly system that the user can easily determine what they are going to do. The main goal of the system is to give accurate data to ensure all the

Employees Record System in C# and Bunifu Frameworks with Source Code

This Modern Flat Design Employee’s Record System is a software-based system that is made of C#, MySQL database, and Bunifu Frameworks. The main goal of this system is to simplify the process of record maintenance of employees and help manage properly the records of every employee in a company. This is a user-friendly system that functions such as tracking employee data, uploading pdf files to an

Employees Information and Leave Monitoring System

If you are looking for an Employees Information and Leave Monitoring System, well this one is what you're looking for. This system has the ability to track every employee's activity within the company, most especially their leave of absences. Using this system, this allows you to see how often an employee made a leave in a month and all throughout, and it can be seen in the reports. We all know

Employees Information System

This Employee's Information System is made by the 2nd year Bachelor of Science in Information Technology students for their project in DBMS subject. It is made of Visual Basic 2008 and MS Access for their database. It generates report using Crystal Report. The following are its features: Login and Logout Adding of Employees. Updating of Employees. Deleting of Employees. Searching of Employees