CSS Loading Effect

CSS Loading Effect

In this article, we are going to learn How To Make Loading Effect using CSS. Some programmers or developers they create loading effect using the Flash Software, but as of now they already using the CSS for making the loading effect or any animation even they did not use the Flash Software. For this simple article that we have today, you can change any variant color that you want for the loading effect. You can edit the source code of the CSS style after you download the full source code.

CSS Filter Effects: Brightness, Contrast, Grayscale, Saturate, and Sepia Part I

If you are looking for about CSS Filter Effects then you are at the right place. Filters effect was primarily part of the SVG or it’s called Scalable Vector Graphics. Short information about SVG, SVG is a markup language that describes the two-dimensional graphics kind of application or an image and it is a set of related graphics script interfaces.

Text Effects in Visual Basic 2008.. (Reflect)

In this tutorial I will teach you how to put an effect in the text using Visual Basic 2008. In here, I use the reflected text for the effect. It reflects any kind of text that you will type at the bottom and you can also change its font size. Others may think that reflected text is just easy to do. But, they were wrong. You have to take a closer look at each codes and calculate everything to make it accurate. Let’s begin: Open Visual Basic 2008, create a new Windows Application and drag a PictureBox, a TextBox, a ComboBox and a NumericUpDown.