School Visitor Log e-Book Using PHP and MySQL with Source Code

Welcome to the School Visitor Log e-Book , a sophisticated and user-centric web application meticulously crafted to revolutionize visitor management within educational institutions. Developed using PHP and MySQL , this dynamic system offers a seamless solution for recording and tracking visitor information, ensuring a secure and organized environment for schools. The intuitive interface of the Log

Book Borrower System Using PHP with Source Code

The Book Borrower System Using PHP is a dynamic and user-centric web application designed to revolutionize the way book lists and borrowed books are managed. Developed with PHP , this system offers administrators and users an intuitive and efficient platform for overseeing and interacting with book-related data. The system's core features include the ability to seamlessly add, update, and delete

CRUD Operation using PHP/MySQLi with DataTable and TCPDF Tutorial

This tutorial source code will teach how to CRUD(create, read, update, delete) using the two MySQLi Extensions which are OOP and Procedural. Also included, the data table library which is an extension that uses jquery to beautify and add functionality to HTML Table. Lastly, included is a PDF Generator using the TCPDF library.

How to implement Data Table on Table

This tutorial tackles on how to implement Data Table in database-driven html table. Data Table is a jquery plugin which provides a beautiful presentation and efficient functionalities of your database-driven table. These functionalities includes table sorting, table searching, pagination, table information and give the user the option to select table length.

Selecting MySQL Table Using Datatable in PHP

This tutorial will show you how to select mysql table with the use of data table. Datatable is an organize presentation on database table. It is often used in websites and php program because it has an in-built function like the search and pagination. Creating our Database First, we're going to create a database that contains the user data. 1. Open phpMyAdmin. 2. Click databases, create a database

Python - How To Use DataTables With Django

In this tutorial we will try to use jQuery DataTables With Django Web Framework. Django is an advanced Web framework written in Python that makes use of the model view controller (MVC) architectural pattern. The official project site describes Django as "a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.