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Image Steganography using Modified SDSA Algorithm

Hello! This is an image steganography Application in C#. The modified SDSA(Spatially Desynchronized Steganographic Algorithm ) uses blocks of 8x8(m x n)to embed the document in the carrier image in specific stego chunks which are returned back to the image.SDSA is based on spatial block desynchronization to disturb the successful prediction of cover image statistics from the stego image which is

MD5 in PHP [Why? How? Explained]

Introduction This tutorial is on using MD5 encryption in PHP. Why MD5? MD5 is built in to PHP and is only a one way encryption. This means that even if someone was able to gain access to an encrypted md5 string, called an 'MD5 Hash', it is unlikely they would be able to convert the hash back in to the original plain text string. Decryption: Decryption in most cryptography languages essentially work by using the reverse algorithm to the encryption algorithm used by the cryptography method in question.