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C++ Project

Advanced Banking System in C++

Hello codesters i’m Joshua once again. It’s been a long tym been busy with my dessertation. So today I want to show u guys how to write a real simulation of a real working Banking System in C++ which I named OutLawz Bank Inc. because am a big 2Pac fanatic. Back to the point now unlike other Bank systems, I wrote this system with an Admin side and the Banker side separately. This system will teach

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming in C++

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming in C++

In this part you will learn: 1. Why using Object Oriented programming approach? 2. What are Classes 3. Why we use classes 4. What are Access specifiers 5. Basic C++ syntax Why we use Object Oriented programming approach? We use object oriented programming in C++ because the procedural language( language containing all the functions and variables within the main of the program) cannot cope with very large projects like when we have to use several hundred of functions within one program.

Library Management System Using C++

Friends here is a Library Management System code developed by me.please run this code and send feed back.Before running this code please go through the text file 'help.txt' in the downloaded file. Advance Features: 1. Creating User. 2. Log In and Log Out facility for both admin and user. 3. Restricting user to issue book if no copy of the book is available at that time. Obvious features for a