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billing system

Billing System Using VB.Net and MS Access Database with Source Code

This Water billing system is an automated system that aims to minimize the process of paying the water bills. It is also designed to accommodate complex water requirements and day-to-day work. It’s an easy-to-use system and the functions can be easily learned. This system allows the user to access customer’s information. This can also create invoices and manage the payments.

Simple Student Information and Billing System in VB.Net with Source Code

This is a Simple Student Information and Billing System Project that was developed using VB.NET and MS SQL Server Database. The system stores the students' information and manages the payment records of the certain school. The system also stores and manages the list of the school's academic year, courses, and subjects of the students. With the help of this system, the school can manage their

Tenant Directory Management System using PHP/PDO with Source Code

This project is entitled Tenant Directory Management System that was developed using PHP/PDO. The system has a Floor Plan of the specific building that indicates the exact location of the stalls of each tenant of the specific commercial building. The system also processes the tenants' lease payments and electricity bill payments. This project has 3 images of floor plans which are the Ground Floor

Modern Ticket Reservation System using PHP and Semantic UI with Source Code

This project is entitled Modern Ticket Reservation System. this project was developed using PHP Language. This project is a simple ticket booking/reservation system that uses Semantic UI for the front-end and MySQL Database. The system automatically generates the Reference number of the Reservation and displays the reservation form step by step. This system has 2 side of user interface which is

Hotel Reservation and Billing System using C# and MS Access with Source Code

This is a system entitled Hotel Reservation and Billing System programmed through C# and MS Access database for my client in their Software Engineering subject. This system manages the hotel's Reservation and Billing Transaction. With the help of this system, the hotel's management can easily provide their guest or client faster services in terms of reservation, check-in, and checkout transactions

Water Billing System using VB.NET with Source Code

About Water Billing System in VB.NET The Water Billing System project can help a certain water provider's company or business manage the bills of their customer. The system stores the necessary information needed from the customer and creates a billing invoice for the customer. The system store also the payment records of the customer which will be the source of data for the payment report. This

Restaurant Billing System in VB.Net with Full Source Code (2020)

Restaurant Billing System in VB.Net with Full Source Code (2020) The Restaurant Billing System is made up of VB.Net and MS Access for the database. The main purpose of this Restaurant Billing System is to give convenience in calculating the bill of the customer. This also aims to give an accurate result and easy to use functions during the billing process. About the Restaurant Billing System in VB

Establishment Billing Management System using PHP/MySQL with Source Code

Project: Establishment Billing System using PHP/MySQL About The Establishment Billing Management System is a simple project that will help certain establishment tenants with monthly billing. This system stores all the commercial blocks of the establishment such as malls along with the rates of each block. This billing system generates the tenant's monthly rental, electricity, and water wages. The

Apartment Billing System

This an absolutely fantastic billing management system for apartments. It is suitable to generate any kind of bills for residents of apartment. With this process any society managers will no longer has a cumbersome time searching through voluminous book records trying to update house owner details but instead are presented with an intuitive management dashboard that gives them an insight about

Automated Beer Parlour Billing system

This is an automated beer parlour billing design for bar owners to autmatically compute bills to customer after sales of drinks. the syatem was designed using 2012 and ms access 2003 as the database management syste. Features: 1. Registyer users 2.Register product i.e drinks 3. Pos 4. Generate report. for your project topics and thesis title, sourcecode whatapp or call +2348067361023 or